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Madhya Pradesh

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PlaceMadhya Pradesh
AreaMadhya Pradesh, India
Language Hindi, Malvi, Nimadi, Bundeli, Bagheli, English
WeatherSummer 22°C to 40°C, Winter 11°C to 26°C
Plan before:7 days
Prices starting: 2200/night
Best Time: May, July, August
Ideal Duration4 - 7 Days
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Madhya Pradesh Overview
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Do's & Dont's in Madhya Pradesh
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Best Time to Visit Madhya Pradesh
Best time to visit for Solo - January, September, November
Best time to visit for Couple - May, July, August
Best time to visit for Family and Friends - Feburary, July, August

Ideal duration for holidays in Madhya Pradesh is 4 - 7 Days, Best for Weeklong trips
Popular amongst travelers from surat, mumbai, ahmedabad, ujjain
Where to Eat?
Things to do in Madhya Pradesh
Things to do in Madhya Pradesh
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Madhya Pradesh is the largest state of india and is clearly “Hindustan ka dil”. One third of the state is covered in forests and is home to some of the best natural reserves in India. The capital of the state is Bhopal. Here are a few must do things when in Madhya Pradesh-
Bandhavgarh tiger reserve- Though a small national park, this tiger reserve has the highest density of Bengal tiger. Located in Vindhya hills and spread over 400 sq km, this reserve at present is home to over 50 tigers. There are options of elephants and jeep safari available which gives a closer look at their home. This reserve was earlier the hunting ground of Maharaja of Rewa. Along with Bengal tiger the reserve is also home to animals like Leopard and Sloth Bear.
Lakshmana temple- One of the three largest temples in Khajuraho, this temple is dedicated to Lord Vishnu and faces east. There are ious large erotic figures, typical of Khajuraho, adorning the temple. This 934 AD temple has only one entrance and attracts tourists from all across the world.
Kanha tiger reserve- Located in Balaghat tiger reserve, this tiger reserve is one of India’s finest wildlife areas and is spread over 940 sq km. This reserve is a paradise for nature lovers and gives them an opportunity to see animals in their natural habitat. Options of elephant and jeep safaris are available for people visiting the reserve.
Gwalior fort- One of the most magnificent structures in Gwalior, this 15th century monument was built by raja man singh tomar and has witnessed many important historical events like battles and imprisonments. History lovers from all over the country visit this monument. Other places to see within Gwalior fort are Karan Palace, Shahjahan Mahal and Gujri Mahal.   
Bastar dussehra- Spanning over 75 days, these dussehra celebrations are one of the longest in the world. The festivities begin in august in Dandakarnya, where Lord Rama spent the 14 years of exile, and end in the month of October.  People from ious tribes and caste take part in the celebration. The highlight of the festival is the rath yatra.  

Places to see in Madhya Pradesh
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Orchha- A small yet royal town on the banks of Betwa River, isn’t much populated but attracts tourists from all across the country due to its architectural style. Orchha reminds you of Bundela Era and is a perfect getaway for history lovers. Some of the tourist attractions in Orchha are – Palki mahal, Orchha fort, Phool bagh and Chaturbhuj temple. Do not miss the sunset on the Betwa River and the light and sound show at Ram Raja Mahal.
Bhopal- the capital city of Madhya Pradesh is a city of contradictions. in one part of the city you can see influences of the mughal rulers and in another you can see modernization. Upper lake, Van Vihar National park and national museum of mankind are popular among tourists. Taj-ul-masjid, also known for its beauty and serenity is a must visit when in Madhya Pradesh.     
Khajuraho- This is one name that is synonymous with Indian culture. It is a cluster of 22 temples which attracts tourists not only from across the country but also the world. The temples are famous for their carving and erotic figures which are breathtaking. The temple is divided into 3 parts – eastern, southern and the most famous western. Two lakes add extra charm to these world famous temples. The best time to visit these temples is in February when a dance festival takes place in Khajuraho.
Ujjain- known as the temple town of Madhya Pradesh, this town is a must visit for spiritual seekers. Temples like Mahakaleshwar, Gopal mandir and Clock mandir are a must see. The town also celebrates the largest Hindu religious fair –Kumbh Mela and this is when lacs of devotes from all across the country visit this small town.   
Sanchi- Known as the Buddhist hub of the country, the city is famous for UNESCO world heritage site – Sanchi Stupa, built by King Ashoka. The city is visited by spiritual seekers. Other things to see in town are Toranas and Buddhist monasteries. The best time to visit the city is between October to March.  
Gwalior- being the cultural capital of the state, Gwalior is visited by almost everyone visiting Madhya Pradesh and is a centre of art and architecture. Places like man Singh palace, Tomb of Tansen, Teli ka mandir are popular tourist spots.

Food and Shopping in Madhya Pradesh
fish_steak_rajas_cafe_khajuraho-1024x768_1488366410p3.jpg Photo by: 2Fdhempe

Madhya Pradesh has multiple cuisines corresponding to the regional predisposition of the areas. For instance, cities like Bhopal where the Muslim population is more tends to have more rich and heavy food. The local food and cuisine of Bhopal includes an interesting range of breads, lip-smacking dishes like biryani, kebabs and spicy curries of fish, mutton and chicken prepared using pure ghee. Whereas, the Marathi food is low fat, not so spicy and made with fresh coconut and ious types of vegetables and pulses. Between such dramatically opposite cuisines, there lies an entire range of snacks and desserts exclusive to Indian cooking. The city of Indore is one of the biggest commercial centres of Madhya Pradesh. It has a street which is filled with eateries that entirely covers the gamut of the Indian cuisine. But those who like to play safe and go for the tried and tested, Madhya Pradesh also has many restaurants that offer Continental, Chinese and American food. One can easily find and go for pizzas, burgers and grilled sandwiches.
Madhya Pradesh is well known for Chanderi and Maheshwari sarees acclaimed for their exclusive make, colour and fine fabric. Madhya Pradesh is also famous for its textiles such as the raw and fine silks. Tourists looking for a perfect souvenir to take back home can choose from an array of products like finely made Dokra metal animal figures, votive lamps and boxes, brass and bell metal statues with gorgeous gold and silver work and also toys made by the tribal communities. The state of Madhya Pradesh offers a delightful shopping experience. And as you travel through Madhya Pradesh, you just cannot resist yourself from indulging in some shopping, so much is the attraction of its traditional handicrafts. Many government Emporios are also there named as Mriganayani providing the best of goods and merchandise. Also, you will not want to miss out on the experience of the bustling Galis or Chowks for shopping in Madhya Pradesh. They still have the vibe of the medieval period.

How to reach Madhya Pradesh
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By Bus
All the major towns and cities in Madhya Pradesh are very well connected by intra-state buses that ply to Madhya Pradesh from the adjoining states of Gujarat, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand, Chattisgarh and Maharashtra. Buses of Madhya Pradesh Tourism are the most trusted way to travel to the major cities of the state.
By Taxi
A smooth network of national highways and state highways provide pleasant driving conditions and comfortably link the cities of Madhya Pradesh with the other cities and states of India. The roads are well maintained and grand forts are situated all along the sides of the roads. Private and public taxis both can be easily hired to commute within the state.
By Train
The main railway station of Madhya Pradesh is in Bhopal. There are daily train services connecting Madhya Pradesh to the rest of the country - Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkatta and Chennai. The  two of the fastest trains in India The Taj Express and the Shatabdi Express connect Madhya Pradesh with Delhi. There are about 20  major junctions in Madhya Pradesh that connect the state with the rest of the India.Also Madhya Pradesh lies on the main rail routes between Delhi and Mumbai and, Delhi and Chennai.
By Air
There are several airports located within the state of Madhya Pradesh. Bhopal, Gwalior, Khajuraho, Indore and Jabalpur are some of the cities that have airports which are well connected with the other major cities of India like Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Kolkata. Almost all private airlines offer commercial services to the state, as does the national domestic carrier. Taxis, auto-rickshaws and buses are easily available outside the airport for the ride to the main city. Or you can arrange a pre booked pick up on arrival. And also, if the visitors would like to reach the small cities within the state in a shortest possible time then they may also opt for Ventura Air connect. The Ventura Air connect is India's first intrastate airline that connects Bhopal, Indore, Gwalior and Jabalpur.
Nearest airport- Raja Bhoj International Airport
Madhya Pradesh Distance from nearby Places
Madhya Pradesh from Delhi 300 Kilometers
Madhya Pradesh from Nagpur 100 Kilometers
Madhya Pradesh from Agra 120 Kilometers
Madhya Pradesh from Jaipur 300 Kilometers
Madhya Pradesh from Ahmedabad 330 Kilometers
Madhya Pradesh from Varanasi 350 Kilometers

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4 ★
My overall experience in Madhya Pradesh was Very Good. It has easy and good availability of food & drinks.
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