Foods of Madhya Pradesh – 6 dishes of Madhya Pradesh Cuisine that you must try when you visit Madhya Pradesh

In Madhya Pradesh, you can find both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes very easily. Some of the popular delicacies includes Bhutte Ke Keys, Bhopali Gosht Korma, Dal Bafla, Poha Jalebi, Rogan Josh, Biryani Pilaf, Indouri Namkeen, Mawa Bati, Sikh Kabab, etc. In the heart of India, you can witness that the food is made with different styles and specialties. Being a center point of India, the state is affected by the food of other states also and here you can have all kinds of food in one state. The main food of Madhya Pradesh are wheat flour roti, dal rice, meat and fish, lado, korma, and poha. Apart from this, you can taste many different things in street food. Apart from this you can taste local beverages in Madhya Pradesh include beer, lassi, and sugarcane juice and lemon water. Okay so have a look on the list given below.

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Here is a list for you - Foods of Madhya Pradesh – 6 dishes of Madhya Pradesh Cuisine that you must try when you visit Madhya Pradesh

1. Poha Jalebi

As we all knows Poha is a breakfast dish and here in Madhya Pradesh Poha is commonly eaten with Jalebi as breakfast. Even poha is most famous in other parts of the country. Poha can be prepared in many ways like tangy poha topped with namkeen and penuts etc. This poha accompanied by crispy jalebis and this is the perfect way to start your day. Poha jalebi tastes better with Bhopali Sulaimani chai and it will make your morning ideal.

2. Dal Bafla

Well, we all know about Dal Bati and this Dal Bafla is a close cousin of Rajasthani’s Dal Bati. This Dal Bafla is equally delicious and popular too. These two dishes are very similar and are prepared on special occasions. This dish is made with baked wheat balls that are dunked in ghee and eaten with spicy daal. If you want to eat this Dal Bafla then you can find anywhere in Madhya Pradesh and you can also get this dish at Padharo Sa in Habib Ganj and in Indore at Rajhans in Sarafa market. Hence, when you are in Madhya Pradesh then must taste this Dal Bafla because if you not having this then your trip is incomplete without it.

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3. Bhuttey ke Kees

Bhutta is a famous street of Madhya Pradesh and if someone doesn’t like a spicy food then the Bhutte ka kees is an ideal dish for them. Bhutte ka kees prepared with grated corn cooked with all the necessary spices and then simmered in milk to give a better taste. Green chilies and mustard seeds are commonly used in this dish to give a special flavor.  This dish is very healthy and yummy and it is one of the loved street food of Madhya Pradesh. Where to eat? Indore is a best place to eat this dish.


4. Bhopali Ghost Korma

If you are seeking for a non-vegetarian food then must try out this dish as it’s a Mughlai cuisine. This dish is a part of something Nawabi cuisine. It is made with mutton chunks and then it converts in a spicy rich mutton gravy. It is a famous dish in Bhopal and you can find this dish anywhere in the city. You should try this dish that you’ll remember for your life. You’ll love the texture of spices and these spices makes Bhopali Ghost Korma more delicious.

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5. Palak Puri

When it comes to healthy food, the state has much more delicacies that are not just delicious but also provide a great source of nutrients. Palak Puri can be eaten in breakfast and lunch and it is best served with aloo sabzi and raita for a perfect lunch meal. This dish is made with wheat dough mixed with grind spinach leaves along with some Indian spices to give a best flavor.

6. Malpua

When it comes to sweet dish then Malpua is the popular one in Madhya Pradesh. It’s a sweet and tastiest Indian pancake. This dish is prepared with flour, fried in ghee and then dipped in the sugar syrup to add the greatest taste. It’s a most scrumptious pancakes that will make you crave for it again and again. To make it more special, saffron can further improve the taste of this dish. Malpua is best served with rabdi and it is a best combination of this dish.

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