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Best Places to Visit in February in India

As February, the month of romance starts knocking at the door, you feel the need of flying to the destination that can harmonize your passionate mood. Luckily, India, the land of incredibility presents an assortment of attractions that inspire you to fly with your better half to spend some close moments together. Not just the couples, even if you are single and yet planning to travel in February in search of natural beauty try choosing your pick from this well researched list of Best Places to Visit in February in India.


Place to see snow view in February

Popularly known as the 'meadow of flowers', Gulmarg is located in the Baramula district of Jammu and Kashmir. Asia's longest cable car ride project is found in this Himalayan region. If you are fond of witnessing abundant snowfall and running on the mountains covered with thick layers of snow then February is the best time. Get indulged in snowboarding or skiing and gather an unsurpassed experience.




Place to watch desert festival in February

Known as the 'Golden City of India', Jaisalmer presents arrays of royal edifices that speak louder about the bygone era. Located on the ridge of yellow sandstone, the city is labelled as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and looks stunning for lying on the heart of Thar Desert. Artistically enriched havelis, royal residences, colorful markets and twisting lanes offer the tourists a happening break. Desert Festival is the most significant festival of Jaisalmer which is going to be held in February.



Place to participate in carnival in February

The ever charming coastal area of Goa calls travel freak souls all through the year for its vibrant culture, historical remains, forts and churches. But, February offers something special and that is the Carnival Festival of Goa. The streets are lit with colorful lights, lively processions are organised and the strumming of guitars, lively dances and boisterous festivity re-energize your inner soul dramatically.


Best place to visit in February in India

A must visit for the nature lover in you, Coorg is the pride of Karnataka. A serene hill station with dense covering of deciduous forest offers you a walk through the picturesque tropical garden. The smaller hamlets look spectacular for the plantations of cardamom and coffee. The cool breeze and moderate temperature of Feburary make Coorg an exotic vacation getaway in India.

andaman_1446199276u50.jpg Photo by: 500px

andaman-2_1446199276u51.jpg Photo by: smashingyolo

The sparkling azure water lined with white sandy beaches is all what makes Andaman a paradise of romance. The action of exploring the world persists under the surface sea level is most attractive activity to get indulged in. Both scuba diving and snorkeling can be enjoyed in the month of February what will let you swim through the coral reefs and colorful fishes living under the sea. There are couple of other destinations in India that can be your favorite spot to visit in February. But, for witnessing unsurpassed view of magnificent panoramas you should pick your choose from the listed attractions. However, tourists with limited time can also visit the destinations like Delhi, Agra, Udaipur and Kalimpong for savoring different flavors of India.

Summary of Best places to visit in February in India
  1. Jaisalmer, Rajasthan
  2. Gulmarg, Jammu and Kashmir
  3. Goa
  4. Coorg, Karnataka
  5. Andaman
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