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India to Hong Kong Visa Application Process

India to Hong Kong Visa Application Process

For Indian nationals visiting Hong Kong, a new policy has been announced by Immigration Department of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. For Indians, the Pre-arrival Registration has been implemented from 23 January 2017. There are certain steps which are to be followed for the application process.

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1. Application guidelines

Application guidelines

Here is a brief of all the guidelines that needs to be followed to attain a Hongkong Visa successfully:

The purpose of the visit-

It is very important to clearly state the purpose of your visit. Whether you are going on vacations or visiting family members it is to be mentioned. Sometimes people go to check their package products or attend the business seminar that should also be mentioned.

Documents required-

Different documents are required for the purpose you are going. For the vacations or visiting a family, documents are same whereas for the business purpose it is different.

For the family visit:

Documents by the applicant

  • Covering letter giving all the details such as purpose, arrival date, departure, address etc

  • Application form (Completely filled. Not applicable should be written in the column for which you do not need to mention the details)

  • Financial record

  • Sponsorship letter  along with the proof of sponsor relation with you( if you have some relative or friend there)

  • Applicant’s passports photocopy

  • Copy of flight tickets


Documents by the sponsor

  • Invitation letter

  • Form which is to be filled completely by the sponsor

  •  Photocopy of sponsors identity proof of being a residence of Hong Kong

  • Proof of the residence of the sponsor ( local bills, lease agreement)

For business purpose

  • Application for the entry for the visa (complete details to be mentioned by applicant)

  • Application for the entry for the visa (complete details to be mentioned by sponsor)

  • Invitation letter from the sponsor

  • Photocopy of the certification of the business of the sponsor proofing it to be a registered one.

  • Covering letter explaining all the details

  • Contract of employment

  • Applicants financial record (salary statements, records, bank statements)

  • Photocopy of passport

  • Photocopy of flight tickets (include both the arrival and departure ticket)

  • Photocopy of the address of accommodation (complete address of the stay is to be mentioned)

3. General information

General information

Visa officer has full right to reject the visa if he finds the case unclear or an unsuitable oneAfter successfully completing the on arrival visa process an Indian passport holder can stay up to 14 days in Hong Kong. However, for a longer duration, a visa is to be taken in advance.

On the basis of your case, you will be asked for the passport as and when your Visa is approved to get the stamp on it. Make sure the passport has a minimum of two blank pages to get the stamp done on it. Do take care that passport is in a good condition. 

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