Leh Shopping guide - the must visit shopping places in Leh for all budgets

Shopping adds excitement to any tour and travel itineraries. Moreover, it is an integral activity or event of any tour. Just like that, shopping in Lehi is as much important as on the tour of any other tourist attraction. You buy things from the destination and bring it back with you as a memory of that place to cherish later. Markets and shops here in Leh are flooded with plenty of local stuffs. The famous products from the markets of the Leh that one must purchase are Pashmina Shawls, native handicrafts, carpets, woollen, and traditional silver jewellery. So, here is the list of the markets and shops where tourists can visit for an exciting shopping experience in Leh.

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Here is a list for you - Leh Shopping guide - the must visit shopping places in Leh for all budgets

1. Main Bazaar Road Leh

Markets here in Leh filled with a range of products, these still provide you a fun experience of strolling around even if you wish not to buy much. Main Bazaar Road market is one of such places in Leh where one can get famous Pashmina Shawls, Tibetan Silver Jewellery, and various souvenirs to take back home. This is the most popular shopping for both locals and tourists. You can also find people shopping for Buddhist symbols like prayer wheels, Buddha Statue, etc. Moreover, the best things that can be purchase from this market include products such as Handicrafts, Thangka Paintings, Hand-woven carpets and rugs, Ladakhi hats, Buddhist masks, and Tibetan turquoise jewelry, etc. The popular stores in this market include some notable names like Ladakh Art Palace, Tibetan Handicraft Emporium, Buddhist Thangka House, etc. You need to carry cash as cards and plastic money is not accepted by most of the stores and shops in the market. Don’t forget to bargain as the prices of products vary from shop to shop, and bargaining will help you to get some value for money products.

2. Moti Market Leh

Moti market is considered as one of the oldest markets in Ladakh region. The products sold here are make the name of this shop very relevant as one can get a wide variety of gems, pearls, precious stones and jewellery. If you have interest in traditional jewellery, then this place is must to visit destination in Leh. The quality of the articles in this market is quite good but the prices are also high as these are made up of costly gems and metals. Now, traditional artifacts can be the thing to buy by those who are looking for something in their budget.

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3. Changspa Road

This is also a notable market in Leh, but it opens only during summer. The market is lined up with travel agencies, small shops, and restaurants on the both sides. This market has almost everything that can complete your shopping list in Leh. Budget hotels and guest houses in Changspa are recommended by most of the tourists of both foreign as well as domestic origin due to the accessibility of the market.

Apart from shopping, the place is also known for beautiful garden restaurants and cafes. In this market there is a small office of the Indian Mountaineering Foundation from where one can also check out some trekking plans as well. The market is best to buy clothing, mountaineering accessories, and souvenirs, as well.

4. Tibetan Market Leh

The Tibetan market in Leh is the best place to purchase clothing, antiques and traditional handicrafts. The markets is managed by Tibetan refugees and also has many budget-friendly small shops selling clothes, souvenirs, bags, and footwear etc. It is basically a flea market with different stalls, selling different items of Ladakhi and Tibetan origin. This is the best place for filling your shopping bucket for Leh. Tibetan market in Leh is also known for its woollen clothes and it is must to buy product from this market. One thing that you have to consider a lot is don’t fall in the trap for the fake antiques, otherwise you are going to have a very exciting shopping experience.

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5. Shar Market

Shar Market is the place in Leh which should be visited by those tourists who  are looking for traditional Ladakhi dresses, traditional handicrafts, and jewellery, etc. The main dresses that can be purchase from Shar market in Leh are

Goucha- which is a thick woollen robe generally wear by men. The dress is tied at the waist with the colourful sash called “Skerag”.

Kuntop- this is women robe, carry with a colourful shawl and the “Bok” on their backs. Traditionally this Boke is used for carrying a baby or a parcel by the women on their back.

Perak- It is a kind of head gear worn by women made up of lambskin studded with semi-precious turquoise stones.

These are the markets in Leh and old Leh town where you can easily stroll and purchase some traditional products to keep a memory of the Leh with you and you can also purchase souvenirs to gift them to your friends and relatives.

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