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How the simple tequila coke made this Mexican bar one of the best in the world

How the simple tequila coke made this Mexican bar one of the best in the world


La Capilla , a 140 years old bar in Mexico has managed to take place in the list of 50 best bars in the world and for all the right reasons. As said by people this is one of the bar every aficionado must try and visit. La Capila is treated as a pilgrimage by anyone who has got a thing for alcohol. This is the place that offers some of the best tequilas and that makes it everyone’s dream bar to visit. With that being said the signature Tequila of the La Capilla has to be the most exotic drink of all time: Batanga.

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1. What is Batanga?


Batanga is called the signature drink of La Capilla and thus some of the ingredients can be found in Mexico and some only in La Capilla. The Mexican Coca Cola mixed with cane sugar. The tequila used is from La Tequileno that gives a sweet hint to the the Batanga. Then there is some lime and salt and not to forget: a love of good stirring. 

2. What makes Batanga so special?


Batanga follows the principle of a simple cocktail: it’s simple and you can definitely taste the spirits. The sweet taste of coke, tart lime and tequila to create a mix of flavors to die for. 
The drink is served with generous amount of tequila, not too much not too little just what perfection is and that makes it even better.

3. History of Batanga


Batanga was invented by the bar owner of La Capilla, Don Javier Corona in 1961. Tequila awareness had just started to rise and the Margarita had gained some popularity by then. The thing about Batanga what makes it so much loved is the fact that Don Javier has used the same one knife to stir each and every cocktail for last 60 years. It is believed that the pieces of lime, cilantros and jalapenos that the knife has cut over the years have given a unique twist to the taste that adds to the popularity of Batanga.

4. La Capilla


La Capilla has old school vibe and dusky ambience and it has managed to keep the same charismatic aura over the last many years that makes more and more visitors indulge in this beautiful place. The decor is so divine. There has been many more bars and restaurants in the past however no one has been able to beat the aura of La Capilla, probably the knife does all the magic. So we would totally recommend you to grab the change and get the taste of Batanga once in a lifetime.

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