Foods of Pondicherry – 7 dishes of Pondicherry Cuisine that you must try when you visit Pondicherry

Pondicherry have great influence of both French and Tamil cuisine. Travelers those who come Pondicherry from overseas they really liked the food and wish to visit this place again. One important things that make Pondicherry cuisine different from any other food is preparation of food done by the localities. Moreover, the food of Pondicherry is generally prepared in very less oil and it is easy to digest. The destination offers a lot to its visitors like freshly baked baguettes and crisp croissants with a steaming cup of coffee which is counted as a best breakfast of the people living in this place. Other than this, travelers can try popular Indian delicacies as well that is also famous in Pondicherry including Tandoori Potato, Soya Dosa, Assad, Coconut Curry, Podanlangkai, Stuffed Begetables, Curried Vegetables, and a lot more. Additionally, Kadugu Yerra is a must try delicacy of Pondicherry and heaven for non-vegetarians. Apart from, prawns cooked in a spicy and tangy tomato sauce with potatoes are famous in Pondicherry. Whereas the vegetarian dishes are prepared with the veggies keeping in mind to add the nutritional value along with look and taste of the dish. So, here are the list of Pondicherry cuisine.  

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Here is a list for you - Foods of Pondicherry – 7 dishes of Pondicherry Cuisine that you must try when you visit Pondicherry

1. Salad Nicoise

It is one of the most popular salad dish in Pondicherry and it is the French salad which is originates from the French city. Foreign tourists generally demands this salad in Pondicherry and it is easily find here in any French restaurant/café. The dish includes fruits and some flavored ingredients like boiled eggs, olives, tomato, shallots and tuna. This is a healthy salad and tasty as well. It is more colorful and delectable in taste.

2. Poisson du jour

It is another famous French food available in Pondicherry. One can get easily in any French restaurant in Pondicherry and it is priced generally Rs 350. Since Pondicherry is a seashore place so seafood is also available here very easily and people have seafood on daily basis. Poisson du jour is a dish which is made with grilled fish and consist of tomato spaghetti pasta. People those are a seafood lover they must try this dish in any of Pondicherry restaurant for sure.

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3. Mutton Rolls

This is one of the best street food of Pondicherry made with stir fried spiced mutton and rolled into a hot paratha in a feast for the senses. You can have this dish at Mission Street such as roadside vendor. People who are a non-vegetarian lover they must have try this dish at Mission Street roadside stall. Pondicherry have best non-veg food options and this is one of those. Street food in Pondicherry is clean and tasty.

4. Rillettes

It is one of the tastiest and best starter of French cuisine and it is easily available in Satsanga French restaurant in Pondicherry. In this starter pate and meat uses for making this food. Typically pork plays an important role in preparation of this dish. The meat is completely chopped and then cooked in the fat. After that, it gets cooled and spread over the bread in the paste form.

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5. Quiche

Quiche is the trendiest French dish and it serves at all the cafes located in Pondicherry. A salty egg custard filling along with the sour get baked and then final process done in the open. Apart from, cheese, vegetables, meat and fishes can be used. There are various varieties of this dish. In some other Quiche dish consists of mushroom, quiche Lorraine and quiche aux Fromage where cheese is very important.

6. Dosa

Dosa is a South Indian cuisine and it is most famous in Pondicherry as the destination is a part of south India. You can find ranges of Dosa’s here and the same taste of dosa you can’t find anywhere in India. While traveling to Pondicherry you should try dosa like rava dosa, masala dosa, cheese dosa, etc. Dosa is well go with coconut chutney and hot sambhar. It’s a Tamil’s famed dish.

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7. Idli Sambhar

Idli sambhar is also another popular dish and commonly eaten by the localities. It’s a perfect and healthy breakfast and generally locals eat this as their breakfast. You can easily find idli sambhar anywhere in Pondicherry. In Pondicherry you can find varieties of idli likie stuff idli, fried idli, steamed idli etc. The taste of idli sambhar is outstanding since it’s a Tamil cuisine.


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