Foods of Leh- 10 Dishes of Leh Cuisine that you must try when visit Leh

Leh Ladkah is like a dream for those who like to take a road tour through serpentine roads and among humungous mountains covered with snow. Many people think that food in Leh is just restricted to Ladkakhi cuisines like momo and Thukpa noodle soup, but in reality it is even more than that. The food and dishes here very unique, but for that you have to search a little bitby putting some effort and reaching to the local people out there. Dishes in Leh are the combination of Tibetan, Chinese, Continental, and Korean, etc. You must try the unique foods here to know more about the people of Leh. So, here is the list of some famous dishes of Leh. You might be familiar with some listed here, but you will surely know more about some new as well.

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Here is a list for you - Foods of Leh- 10 Dishes of Leh Cuisine that you must try when visit Leh

1. Ladakhi Pulao

It looks a little subtle if we compared it to other variants of Kashmiri Pulao, Lucknow. However, it doesn’t lack a bit in terms of taste and flavour. In fact, the taste and aroma of Ladakhi Pulao will leave you surprised. It is prepared with the raw rice soaked into the aromatic seasoning and mutton stock. And then various vegetables and nuts are added to make it rich and colourful. It is not a dish that you can get easily at any restaurant in Leh, but if you are lucky enough to get an invitation by some local then you might get this delicious dish.

2. Tigmo

Generally pronounced as Teemo, which is a vegetarian dish in Leh. This can be eaten at any time of the day be it is breakfast, lunch or dinner. It is nothing but a flavourful vegetable stew that could be eaten both as snack or a dish. The most important ingredients of this dish are vegetables and fermented bread pieces. This is mainly a vegetarian dish, but it can be customized to give a non-vegetarian twist as well.

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3. Saag

It is again a vegetarian dish made from spinach. It is a very simple and tasty dish. The preparation of this dish require fresh Spinach leaves along with red chilies, garlic, cloves, etc all sautéed in mustard oil. It is served with rice or simple chapatti. It is one of the nutritious foods in Leh and has its origin in Kashmir.

4. Thupka

Leh is incomplete without tasting Thupka. It is one of the tastiest food in the town. Thupka is basically a noodle soup with steamed veggies, chicken, pork as well as beef. The mix of all these savory ingredients is served with spicy sauce to give a totally new look to this dish. It is basically a Tibetan cuisine which you can find in almost all the Himalayan region state and cities.

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5. Khambir

Khambir is a traditional bread preferred by the locals of Leh, they use this dish generally in their meals. The bread has thick crust baked in pan with brownish colour and soft texture. The bread is served with a butter tea for an amazing taste. Apart from that, one can also use bread with some other curry based dishes as well.

6. Phirni

Phirni is a kind of dessert, it is similar to Kheer. However, texture of Phirni is very smooth in comparison with Kheer. This sweet dish is served in kullhaad i.e, a pot made from mud, which will further enhance its taste. There are various topping of various dry foot is also there such as almonds, rasins, cashew, etc. The main ingredients of this dish include boiled rice, vermicelli, milk, and sugar.

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7. Momos

Momos has become the most common food of mountains. You will get them easily here in Leh in different shapes and wit different fillings. The spicy sauce complements the taste of this famous dish of Leh. One can eat it as a snack or a proper dish. It is also a Tibetan cuisine which is taken by the people of Leh as one of the main food here.

8. Skew

It is again another dumpling soup made with tiny thumb sized chapatis. The soup consists lots of veggies and offer a lip-smacking taste. It is mainly a vegetarian soup kind of dish, but some customization can make it non-veg dish too. As in the place of veggies, one can add chicken chunks or other non-veg product as well.

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9. Kulcha Bun

It is not a Kulcha that we know, it is completely different from that. This is a bun that you can have it with your qahwa or butter tea. This bun is very popular among the local of Leh Ladakh, they have some other level of likeness about this food. This dish has its own importance among the various foods of Leh. It is recommended to have once you are in Leh.

10. Cholak

Cholak is simply a scrumptious non-vegetarian food in Leh. It is extremely famous in Leh. It has spicy taste and essence of veggies and noodles simply improve the texture and taste of it. You can’t miss this dish if you are a foodie and really like some authentic food. The flavour of local spices and preparation style will satiate your taste buds for sure.


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