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FIFA World Cup 2018

FIFA World Cup 2018

It’s again the time of the year when Football lovers are going to be extremely busy as FIFA 2018 has come up. This game definitely draws a great amount of attention from people all over the world. This is the 21st FIFA World Cup which is going to be held in Russia from 14th June to 15th July 2018. The hosting rights to Russia for the same were given in 2010. All the selected venues are in European Russia for the comfort of the players and visitors. People who love this sport come from ied places to enjoy the matches. It is believed that this will be the most expensive football World Cup in history.

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1. FIFA Football World Cup 2018 Teams

FIFA Football World Cup 2018 Teams

The total number of teams which will be playing the series are 32. The selected ones are 31 and Russia being the 32nd as it automatically qualifies as it is the host team. The qualification process for the teams was started in March 2015, the allotment of slots for each confederation was discussed by the FIFA Executive Committee on 30 May 2015 in Zürich after the FIFA Congress. It was there that the decision was made that the same allocation as 2014 would be kept for the 2018 and 2022 tournaments.

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2. FIFA World Cup 2018 Matches Schedule

FIFA World Cup 2018 Matches Schedule

The match schedule is planned for each day by the organizers. There will be three matches every day between different teams. On some day, the allocation has made four matches too which will be conducted. The semifinals will be played on 10th and 11th July 2018. The third Place Match will be played on 14th July 2018 and the Finals will be conducted on July 14th and July 15th respectively. It will be the 61st winner VS the 62nd Winner.

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3. FIFA Football World Cup 2018 Venues

FIFA Football World Cup 2018 Venues

The FIFA World Cup series 2018 is going to be played in Russia. A total of 12 stadiums in 11 different cities of Russia are renovated and made ready for the matches. It is for the first time that is Eastern Europe, the tournament is going to take place. A total of 64 matches will be played in 12 stadiums.

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4. FIFA World Cup 2018 Prize Money

FIFA World Cup 2018 Prize Money

Besides national bragging rights there is a lot more on stake in this FIFA World Cup 2018. The International organization will reward a total of $400 million in prizes to different teams participating in the tournament. $8million is a guaranteed amount that each team will receive for their participation even if they are eliminated at the initial level. Any team eliminated from the last 16 will receive $12 million, whereas Quarterfinalists will receive $16 million, followed by $22 million for the fourth place team, $24 million for the third place team and $28 million for the country that stands as runner-up. The winner of the tournament will take home $38 million. The winning team will also be awarded with the FIFA World Cup 2018 Trophy. It is a 36.5 centimetres 14.4 in tall trophy weighing 5 kilograms 11 lb & is made of 18 carat 75% gold, worth approximately US$150,000 in 2017.

5. History of FIFA Football World Cup

History of FIFA Football World Cup

The first FIFA World Cup was held in 1930 when FIFA president Jules Rimet decided to start an international football tournament. That time only thirteen teams were present in the list to go for the series. After that, there have been expansions and now 32 teams are a part of this tournament. The first official football match was played in 1872 Glasgow between Scotland and England.

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6. FIFA World Cup Star Footballers

FIFA World Cup Star Footballers

Here is the list of star footballers of FIFA World Cup 2018

#10 - Timo Werner Team Germany
#9 - Paulo Dybala Team Argentina
#8 - Kylian Mbappé Team France
#7 - Gabriel Jesus Team Brazil
#6 - Luis Suárez Team Uruguay
#5 - Cristiano Ronaldo Team Portugal
#4 - Isco Team Spain
#3 - Toni Kroos Team Germany
#2 - Neymar Team Brazil
#1 - Lionel Messi Team Argentina

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