Exploring the 10 best coral reefs underwater across the globe

Exploring the 10 best coral reefs underwater across the globe

  Seas and oceans are fascinating things that have marine life and underwater gardens as their family. Among these coral reefs are stunning as they are beautiful and home to a wide variety of ecosystems. Some of these are under threat from human-made causes and therefore require special attention. Putting them in order is a tough job hence below is the list of best 10 coral reefs in the world. There are also other coral reefs which are not in this list but are quite beautiful.  

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Here is a list for you - Exploring the 10 best coral reefs underwater across the globe

1. Great Barrier Reef


Australia is right in resources in several sectors. The country has been blessed by God with some of the best structures and natural objects, the Great Barrier Reef being one of them. This is the largest reef across the world. It comprises of three thousand coral reef systems attached to a huge number of the white sand island. The reef is present in the northern part of Queensland. There are varieties of colorful sea creatures and fish that form its marine life.

2. New Caledonia Barrier Reef


New Caledonia is all about white sand beaches and clear water. This coral reef is healthy and has not been affected by any human activity. This is the second largest coral reef that remains crowded by enthusiastic visitors throughout the year.

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3. Rainbow Reef of Fiji


This coral reef lies in between two islands of Fuji, Taveun and Vanua Levu. The reef seems like a living rainbow situated under the water. The corals are soft in some places and hard elsewhere. The Rainbow Reef is perfect for fish lovers as the mixture of soft and hard corals helps in the survival of marine life. 

4. Red Sea Coral Reef

Red Sea Coral Reef


The Red Sea is situated between the Arabian and Sahara desert unlike others that are located near tropical islands. However, the arid landscape did not pose as a barrier in the formation and existence of coral reefs and marine life. The coral reef is full of special species of fish that are present only in this coral area. The coral reef is colorful and lively.

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5. Palancar Reef


This coral reef is a smaller one than the other but it is so colorful that the size is not a matter of concern for it. It is a popular diving spot for tourists. The corals are only half the reason for a visit the other attractions are the sea turtles, colored fishes of different species and seahorses.

6. The Philippines’s Tubbataha Reef

The Philippines’s Tubbataha Reef


This coral reef is for keen eyes who want to have a look of several sea turtles. The hawksbill sea turtles are the most famous creature of this place. People who love deep sea diving rather than being on the surface this reef is like a wonderland with some of the best diving spots.

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7. Captain Cook Monument


The coral reef is present on the right side as well as the left of the monument. One can enjoy a wonderful underwater treat in the deep water and also in the shallows which is crystal clear. There are unique coral formations that are surrounded by fish, sea turtles and other aquatic life forms. In the deeper water, one can also see dolphins. 

8. Cayo Coral Reef


The depth of this coral reef is 10 meters but this does not make is falling short of being magnificent. These coral reefs can be reached only with the help of boats. There are special spots for the snorkels and scuba divers can also enjoy other spots.

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9. Belize Barrier Reef

Belize Barrier Reef


Barrier reefs are one of the best types of coral reef that is loved by a large number of populations. This reef is located at Belize which is a country in Central America. Many prominent figures of the past, as well as the present, have referred this reef to be one of the most remarkable ones in West Indies. It offers some of the best views in the world and one should explore this place at least once in their lifetime.

10. The great Chagos Archipelago

The great Chagos Archipelago


This coral reef in the Indian Ocean is a brain-shaped formation that is quite big in size. This coral reef is not at all polluted and is the most protected ones as it is way out in the ocean. There are 55 islands in total containing various marine lives like fish and mammals. One can see dolphins and whales in the clear water.

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