Everything you need to know about asados in Argentina

Everything you need to know about asados in Argentina

If you are a traveller and a foodie, and if Argentina is in your bucket list this is something you cannot afford to miss. When it comes to trying out Argentinian cuisine, the food lovers cannot do without barbeques and asados. Started in the mid 1800s by the cowboys, Argentina holds a different love for everything grilled. There are so much of food and when it comes to asados in Argentina you cannot go wrong. Asados in Argentina can be found everywhere from small buildings to streets, malls and shopping complexes. Asados is not just about food but it is an all night event in which a lot of people come together, chill, relax and have fun over a whole range of good food. Even if you are new to the place and have not been invited to asados yet, you can make your way to somewhere or the other and enjoy a wholesome meal. But before that here we are to help you out with what exactly you should be ordering to have the best experience of asados in Argentina. Served with wine or coke there is a whole series of an asados dictionary that can guide you for a meal of the lifetime.  

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Here is a list for you - Everything you need to know about asados in Argentina

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3. Matambre

A flank steak that can be eaten in several ways. One way is to stuff it up with cheese, veggies, sauce and sometimes it can also be eaten plain and simple. One of the most loved preparation of matambre is matambre a la pizza which is a large piece of meat with the toppings of pizza. One of the most loved dish for asados in Argentina.

4. Tapa de Asados

This is the rib area of a meat and is not as tender as other asados meal but is definitely no less than any other preparation when it comes to taste. Tapa de Asados is bit drier and less fatty than others.


You can also try out sausages and meatballs to be served with asados with adds extra taste and fun to the already great meal. So now you know what to order in asados in Argentina to indulge in one of the best food festival of your life.

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