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8 haunted hospitals in the world

Photo by: theoccultmuseum

Haunted places are definitely scary locations which people on hearing about it get disturbed In the world there are a number of locations such as roads, monuments, houses, bridges etc which are counted haunted but in this list there exist some hospitals too which are haunted. They are very scary and nobody likes to go there. Given below is a list of 8 haunted hospitals in the world

Denver Lunatic Asylum, Danvers, MA
68565239_1526035157s11.jpg Photo by: House Crazy

This gothic place was opened in 1878 for mentally unstable criminals. Further, in this place mentally handicapped, alcoholic and other such criminals were added which lead to a shortage of staff and death of people could not be noticed for days. The death of person actually was discovered when their bodies started rotting. So now this place is among the most haunted ones and people believe that there live a number of ghosts along with witches and they don’t find it safe anymore.

Beechworth Lunatic Asylum, Australia
beechworth-lunatic-asylum_1526035157s20.jpg Photo by: wordpress

This place has experienced 128 years of terror before it was finally shut down in 1995. Around 9000 people died at this place and because of this some people even left alive this place because of the scary atmosphere. It is not surprising that few people even were found lingering there. Faces posing out of windows after death were a common thing. So because of all this, the place had to be closed.

Trans Allegheny Lunatic Asylum, West Virginia
Trans-Allegheny-Lunatic-Asylum_1526035158s30.JPG Photo by: The Trebuchet

This asylum was the world's second-largest hand-cut stone masonry building after the Kremlin. It looked like it was designed as the set of a blockbuster thriller. Built around the Civil War era, the asylum was made to keep around 250 patients, but ended up holding more than 2,400, including, for a brief period. People here with locked in caged were chained and this leads to a great number of deaths. People use to hear voices of ghosts saying them to go away, so finally, this place was closed.

Waverly Hills Sanatorium, Louisville, KY
waverly-hills-sanatorium_1526035158s40.jpg Photo by: Haunted Houses

Around 63000 deaths have occurred at this place and people find it quite a scary location. It was set up as a tuberculosis hospital in 1910 and people died there from this problem only. So, later on, it was shut down.

Gonjiam Psychiatric Hospital, Gwangju-Si, South Korea
Gonjiam-Mental-Ward_1526035158s50.jpg Photo by: Sick Chirpse

In South Korea, it is one of the most haunted spots and is an abandoned psychic hospital. According to locals, people here experienced mysterious deaths which lead to its closure.

Lier Skeyhues, Lies, Norway
16102545947_48f5909c7a_b_1526035159s60.jpg Photo by: Flickr

This asylum is at a drive o half an hour from Oslo and was opened in 1926 and is one of the most haunted spots in the country. This hospital had Psychiatric patients, ghosts, witches etc. Finally, after so much, this hospital was closed.

Rolling Hills Asylum, East Bethany, NY
Rolling-Hills-AsylumAmityphotos-1_1526035159s70.jpg Photo by: Haunted History Trail

This was a place for the poor, the widowed, the orphaned, the handicapped, the criminal, the alcoholic etc. It was set up in 1827 and around 1700 people died here. Paranormal activities such as shouting and slamming of doors were observed which lead t its closure later on.

Narrenturm, Vienna, Austria
800px-Narrenturm_Vienna_June_2006_577_1526035159s80.jpg Photo by: Atlas Obscura

This was first mental asylum which was built in 1784 or its existing use, the Anatomical-Pathological Museum, which consist of more than 4,000 graphic, gruesome abnormalities, jars full of deformed fetuses, and sickening wax models of raw STDs. Either way, there's adequate nightmare fuel in this place to last you until next Halloween.

Thus to conclude, these are some of the 8 most haunted hospitals in the whole world.

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