5 Top Honeymoon Destinations Near Agartala

5 Top Honeymoon Destinations Near Agartala

Planning a wedding is no mean feat and requires a lot of struggles, wouldn’t you agree? So let us help you out with shortlisting your honeymoon destinations. Hang on because we have for you 5 Perfect honeymoon destinations near Agartala.

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Here is a list for you - 5 Top Honeymoon Destinations Near Agartala

1. - Ambassa

Ambassa is supremely rich in culture and history. If you feel like exploring the culture of ancient Indian tribes with beautiful green cover and warm, hospitable locals, this is exactly where you should be!
Best time to visit:-  Ambassa is  between November to February.
How to Reach: - Trains - 5 trains are available to reach Ambassa.
Ambassa is just 85 kms away from Agartala. A private vehicle would take no more than 3 hours.
Things to do: - Ujjanta Palace, Rose valley park, Jagannath Temple, Chabimura, Dumboor Lake, Shopping for local handicrafts

2. - Jampui Hills

- Jampui Hills

Jampui Hills is the highest hill station in Tripura with an average altitude of 3000 feet above sea level. These hill ranges provide a beautiful panoramic view of states of Tripura as well as Mizoram! The Orange annual festival is held in the month of November which shows Tripura in a whole different light. You’ll see beautiful orchards all around you.
Best time to visit:- Jampui Hills is November onwards. The weather is pleasant throughout the year.
How to Reach: - Regular and direct buses are available from Agartala.
Local passenger trains are also available. The nearest station is Kumarghat.
Things to do: - Trekking, Orange orchards, Sunset point, Sunrise point, Viewpoints.

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3. - Cherrapunji

Claimed to be the World’s Wettest Place, Cherrapunji has earned its title since it receives rain throughout the year. And let’s be honest, what’s more romantic than rain? ;)
Located at a whopping 3500 feet above the sea level, you’ll witness stunning swirling clouds and magnificent waterfalls in this dream destination. Fun fact - The cleanest village in Asia is also located in Meghalaya.
Best time to visit:- Cherrapunji is throughout the year. It mostly rains in the night so the daily activities function smoothly.
How to Reach: - Flights from Agartala to Guwahati. Followed by a taxi to Cherrapunji.
A direct vehicle from Agartala is advised. The distance is around 500 kms.
Things to do: - Nohkalikai Falls, Mawsmai Cave, Dainthlen Falls, Thangkharang Park, Romantic walks, exploring the local market.

4. - Aizwl

A quaint little hill station that is nestled in the treasure of North East India, Aizwl, is the best honeymoon destination. If you want to discover a whole new side to yourself and do something offbeat, you NEED to pay this beautiful town a visit. The Falkawn Village represents the side of Mizo people which is hidden, untouched and pristine.
Best time to visit: Aizwl is in the summer months from March.
How to Reach: - Direct flights to Aizwl are available from Agartala.
Aizwl is around 350 kms away from Agartala. A drive till Aizwl will take around 6 hours.
Things to do: - Mizoram State Museum, Shopping, Reiek Resort offers a stunning view of the clouds, Solomon Temple, Dampa Tiger Reserve

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5. - Phawngpui Hills

Phawngpui Hills is also known as the Blue Mountain. It is one of the most underrated destination in India which means you won’t find a lot of tourists on your honeymoon. Perfect for lazing around as well as, trekking, it’s THE dream destination.
Best time to visit: Phawngpui Hills is from October to April when you’ll find green covers throughout.
How to Reach: - Rental cabs are available from Agartala to reach Blue Mountain directly.
Things to do: - Witness the exotic culture and food of the Mizos, Trekking, Birdwatching, Phawngpui Blue Mountain National Park where you can find rare fauna and flora.

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