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25 Most Haunted Places in India

Here’s the list of 25 most haunted places in India

There is a board on the fort gate which states “tourist are prohibited to stay inside before sunrise and after sunset”. It is believed, the ghosts of a princess and the wizard still travels. Even while shooting for a show which was featured on the ‘Fort’s Story’, the actors had some fearful experiences. It is the most haunted place of India which has different mysteries associated with it. Let’s catch them all.

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2. Grand Paradi Towers - Mumbai

There is a history of hatred and suicides. A couple Mr. Vasudeo Dalal and Tara Dalal died, even left a suicide note that their son and daughter in law are responsible for it. The matter was in court, however on the judgment day, the son and daughter in law along with their daughter died in the same way as their parents did. This unsolved mystery made Grand Paradi towers to land up in most haunted places in India. There have been more than 20 accidents and suicides since its construction.

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3. Dumas Beach, Surat - Gujarat

The Place has been used for cremation. In night you can hear voices but you can’t see anyone. In one article, it was mentioned that people have gone there and then never returned

4. Shaniwarwada Fort - Pune

It is a story of a prince who at the age of sixteen came to power. However his uncle was ruling on his behalf .His wife was not happy and planned to kill the prince. When prince came to know that he was going to be killed he ran to his Uncle chamber shouting Kaka Mala Vachva.’ Save me, uncle!. Since then at every new moon night echos can be heard “‘Kaka Mala Vachva”

5. Sanjay Van - Delhi

People have seen a lady wearing a white saree running very fast and then disappearing towards the cremation ground near the area. It takes courage to visit this haunted place of India alone at night.

6. South Park Cementry - Kolkata

Those who enter face some unnatural things and some have died under mysterious circumstances. Mystery is still unsolved and made it one of India’s most haunted place in Kolkata

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7. Agrasen ki baoli - Delhi

Here it is believed that people were thrown in the well filled with black water. Tourist  are asked only to come in daylight as there is presence of evil and occurrence of supernatural activities. Dare to visit this haunted place of Delhi.

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8. Brijraj Bhavan Palace, Kota - Rajasthan

Here a ghost of Major Burton roams around the palace who was killed by Indian sepoys during the revolt of 1857.

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9. Dow Hill, Kurseong - West Bengal

It is a place where several murders have taken place around Forest, In fact locals have seen a headless boy walking in the forest. Experiences of loaclites rumoured this place to be the most haunted place of India

10. D’Souza Chawl, Mahim - Mumbai

It is a chawl, One day a lady went to get some water, however she fell in the well and died. The lady has been seen, however ghost does not harm anyone but still locals do not go near the well during night. So will you dare to visit this haunted place?

11. Feroz Shah Kotla - Delhi

It is a place, where there is a presence of evil spirit who attacks people during the night especially young woman.

12. GP Block, Meerut - Uttar Pradesh

Here there is a double storey apartment where nobody lives. Locals have seen a woman sitting on the roof and wearing red clothes. Locals have also seen four boys sitting inside the house and enjoying alcohol with a single candle light at the centre of the table. It sends goosebumps to vist this haunted place.

13. Jatinga - Assam

This beautiful village has seen bird suicides under certain mysterious circumstances. The Migratory birds have entered but never gone back alive. Mainly suicides take place on moonless night. Even birds are not spared by this haunted place in Assam.

Curse made it the haunted place in India

It is known as deserted ghost village. In 1825, Salim Singh the minister of the state fell in love and wanted to marry the village chieftain’s daughter. He warned the villagers that he would double the tax if marriage does not take place. The Chief of the village cursed the village before leaving.

15. Lothian cemetery - Delhi

Headless ghost made Lothian Cemetery the haunted place in India

Here large number of people were buried after the revolt of 1857. The place is said to be visited by headless ghost of British soldier Nicholas.

16. Mukesh Mills - Mumbai

Even TV actresses are not spared by this haunted place in India

The place is used for shooting films. One famous incident is when a TV actress got possessed by a ghost and later warned the staff to leave the place in a male voice.

17. Writer’s Building - Kolkata

In this place, according to locals Captain Simpson was murdered when he was working in East India Company. His ghost still roams in the building and forced localites to believe that it is one of the most huanted places in India

18. Sanjay Gandhi National Park - Mumbai

Locals do not come outside during night because a chudail lady ghost is believed to be seen.

21. Savoy Hotel - Mussoorie

In this hotel a presence of lady ghost is felt, Guests and Hotel attendants have heard strange noises and have seen a lady in white. It is said that lady was murdered under unknown circumstances.

22. Aleya Ghost Lights - West Bengal

In this place Aleya lights, the mysterious ghost lights reported in the marshes normally by the local fishermen.  Sometimes these lights confuse the fishermen while sometimes they help the fishermen avoid future crisis.

23. Ramoji Film City - Hyderabad

People have felt with some unnatural happenings. Most scary thing is that mostly females are targeted by the ghosts compared to males. Strange marks are left on mirrors. One of the most haunted places in South India.

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24. Taj Mahal Hotel - Mumbai

It is a very popular hotel in India. There are several unnatural activities experienced by the people. It is said that after designing the hotel, the architect went to his own country France and when he returned he saw that hotel had been built in the wrong direction. He was so shocked that he killed himself. His ghost is still in the hotel and roams in the floors of the hotel. Even the terrorist didn’t spare this haunted place

25. Vrindavan Society - Thane

In this Building 66B a person jumped from his balcony. Since then residents have felt some un-natural force. People feel like that they are being followed.

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