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25 Most Haunted Places in India

25 Most Haunted Places in India

Here’s the list of 25 most haunted places in India

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1. Bhangarh Fort

There is a board on the fort gate which states “tourist are prohibited to stay inside before sunrise and after sunset”. It is believed, the ghosts of a princess and the wizard still travels. Even while shooting for a show which was featured on the ‘Fort’s Story’, the actors had some fearful experiences. It is the most haunted place of India which has different mysteries associated with it. Let’s catch them all.

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2. Grand Paradi Towers

There is a history of hatred and suicides. A couple Mr. Vasudeo Dalal and Tara Dalal died, even left a suicide note that their son and daughter in law are responsible for it. The matter was in court, however on the judgment day, the son and daughter in law along with their daughter died in the same way as their parents did. This unsolved mystery made Grand Paradi towers to land up in most haunted places in India. There have been more than 20 accidents and suicides since its construction.

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4. Shaniwarwada Fort

It is a story of a prince who at the age of sixteen came to power. However his uncle was ruling on his behalf .His wife was not happy and planned to kill the prince. When prince came to know that he was going to be killed he ran to his Uncle chamber shouting Kaka Mala Vachva.’ Save me, uncle!. Since then at every new moon night echos can be heard “‘Kaka Mala Vachva”

14. Kuldhara

Curse made it the haunted place in India

It is known as deserted ghost village. In 1825, Salim Singh the minister of the state fell in love and wanted to marry the village chieftain’s daughter. He warned the villagers that he would double the tax if marriage does not take place. The Chief of the village cursed the village before leaving.

19. Raj Kiran Hotel

Raj Kiran Hotel

The place is haunted. There is a room where residents have complained about some unnatural happenings.

24. Taj Mahal Hotel

It is a very popular hotel in India. There are several unnatural activities experienced by the people. It is said that after designing the hotel, the architect went to his own country France and when he returned he saw that hotel had been built in the wrong direction. He was so shocked that he killed himself. His ghost is still in the hotel and roams in the floors of the hotel. Even the terrorist didn’t spare this haunted place

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