10 Best Cuisines in Vietnam to Munch On

10 Best Cuisines in Vietnam to Munch On

  Vietnamese cuisines are worldwide popular due to their uncomplex preparation, use of healthy ingredients and most importantly, good taste. Since simplicity can be expected in most of them, they can be absolutely prepared anywhere. Some of the best Vietnamese cuisines are listed here for everyone's knowledge.

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Here is a list for you - 10 Best Cuisines in Vietnam to Munch On

1. Pho


It will not be an overstatement to make that Pho is the national food of the country! Arguably so, because this rice noodles dish is very much widespread all across the nation. It consists of noodles, and chicken or beef in a rich salty broth with a sprinkling of many types of herbs that make it look quite attractive and tastes delicious. The dish is tasty as well as quite cheap.

2. Mi Quang


Undoubtedly Pho is the most popular dish of the country but none can parallel the Mi Quang. This culinary treat is a specialty of Central Vietnam's Quang Nam Province and consists of rice crackers, noodles, pork, peanuts and broth made from turmeric. This dish is served on a number of important occasions and can be quite delicious to eat. 

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3. Cha ca


It is a dish made from small pieces of fish and is very popular in the country. As a matter of fact, there is a street in the capital, Hanoi that is named after it! Cha ca is usually made with small fish crumbs perfectly cooked with turmeric, dill, garlic, and ginger. Serving the dish is also a specialty as it should be served hot on a tableside pan. 

4. Goi Cuon


 It is a Vietnamese snack that is very much enjoyed in the country. It consists of pork, vermicelli, healthy greens, and shrimp. Peanuts are also added to it and the complete flavor of the dish gets a makeover from the special hoisin sauce that is used in it. The rice paper can make it tough to chew but no one will complain due to its overall delicious taste!

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5. Banh Xeo


 It is a type of pancake that can have ample amounts of shrimp, bean sprouts and pork and garnished abundantly with different types of fresh herbs. Herbs are, anyway, a signature of most authentic Vietnamese dishes and can be found in it too. There are many types of sauces that go with Banh Xeo and one must be there to get a rich taste of the dish. Rolling it up in lettuce leaves or rice paper and cutting it into manageable pieces along with a sauce can make its consumption even more memorable.  

6. Bo Kho


It is one of the popular options for lunch as well as breakfast in the country. Generally, it is made with beef but other types of meat can also be used. Even tofu can be used for the purpose. The recipe is prepared in low heat by using coconut water or plain water with sugar and fish sauce. Finally, onions, coriander, and carrots can be mixed in it to make it tastier. One can dip chunks of French bread in its stew so that it can be perfect for lunch!

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7. Cao Lau


This dish is a type of combination recipe and can be best prepared with water from the local Be Le well. It is a pork noodle recipe from Hoi An and has a bit of everything in it. The pork and the crispy won-ton adds a Chinese touch whereas the thicker noodles remind of Japanese udon. The herbs and broth are certainly Vietnamese in all possible ways but the dish can taste absolutely amazing.

8. Buncha


Unlike other known Vietnamese dishes, it is not very much talked about yet at the same time, very much liked due to its simplicity. It is a typical Hanoi cuisine and can be made using grilled pork, rice vermicelli, fish sauce. A serving of the same can be sprinkled with many types of known herbs that can help in increasing the taste quotient.

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10. Ga Nuong Sa


It is very simple but very delicious cuisine that is made from grilled chicken. The grilled chicken is cooked in fish sauce and lemongrass and served on a plate of vermicelli noodles. 
These are some of the best Vietnamese dishes from the country that are usually consumed by the populace. On a visit to the country, some or all of them should be tried apart from many others. Therefore, one can get a peek into the Vietnamese kitchen and their delicious tastes.

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