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Beaches you must know in Vietnam

Beaches you must know in Vietnam


Vietnam lies in the easternmost part of Southeast Asia. This country is frequented by travelers from various countries around the globe. This country has other tourist attraction countries all around it like China, Thailand, and Laos, etc. Hanoi is the capital of the country and it has some major beaches which are highly famous among tourists. 

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1. Phu Quoc's Long beach


Phu Quoc is till date Vietnam's largest island. Vietnam is the country which is famous because of its long beaches and tastiest cuisine as compared to other tourist spots. Despite having several beaches the Long Beach is the most frequented and one of the best in the country. The beach is a sandy one that stretches for miles and is surrounded by the palm-fringed shoreline. It is quite close to the International airport of Phu Quoc. There are plenty of resorts and hotels that make the stay comfortable for travelers. Squid fishing, jet skiing, snorkeling, hiking, kayaking, biking stand-up paddle-boarding are some of the activities which are mostly enjoyed here.

2. Phu Quoc's Star beach


This beach towards the southern coastline of the Phu Quoc island is no less than the Long beach which is highly famous among the tourists. It has one of the best impeccable surroundings and pristine water on the beach. Unlike Long beach, the Star beach has powdery sand which is white in color and the blue water. This beach is very beautiful and incomparable in the city. There are large rocks on the beach which helps tourists to enjoy the sunrise and the sunset. There are cafes, bars, hotels and other amenities near to the beach.

3. Nha Trang Beach


This coast is known for its unique color of the water that is turquoise. There are high energy vibes around the beaches that attract a number of tourists. This coast of Vietnam towards the south-central is mostly filled with backpackers in all seasons. The visitors can enjoy scuba diving in this city beach. The beach is warm in all seasons and people come here to enjoy activities like sailing, kite-boarding and etc. There are luxurious hotels and resorts around the beach. The visitors can opt for a relaxing Vietnamese spa treatment or a mud bath than partying on the beach.

4. Doc Let Beach


This beach is situated in Hon Khoi Peninsula which is near to the Nha Trang city. This beach also has Turquoise-colored water as the Nha Trang beach. The sand in the beach is of white color and is enclosed within palm-fringed trees. The beach is frequented by different types of tourists as there is a luxury to budget hotels and resorts. There are various dining options and accommodation facilities for visitors so that one can choose as per their choice and requirement. The beach offers easy access to snacks to the tourists. There are salt fields which makes this beach even more famous especially among photographers.

5. Danang Beach


This beach is a long stretching beach with white colored sand that stretches from Monkey Mountain to Hoi An. There is a coral reef which makes the beach even more beautiful and attractive. The top-notch bars and resorts in and around the beach are flooded with tourists all around the year. The coastline is palm-fringed. Visitors can enjoy activities like sunbathing, surfing, swimming and scuba diving. This beach is accessible by different modes of transportations like bus, train, motorcycles, and flights. People with all types of the budget can visit this beach easily.

6. The An-Bang Beach


This beach is only nineteen miles away from Da Nang airport. There is Hoi An's World Heritage Site as d by UNESCO at a distance of just 2.5 miles. This is a perfect beach for travelers with gardens, restaurants, bars and other necessary facilities. Swimming, surfing and scuba diving can be enjoyed here. One can relax and have some of the best cuisines in the world. Sunsets are the best time to sit and feel the ambiance of the surrounding.

7. Mui Ne beach


It is close to the famous city of Ho Chi Minh in the district of fishing, Phan Thiet. In the past few years, this place has gained fame for being one of the best destinations for vacations. Fishing is one of the most famous activities and the place is not fully urbanized. Developments are taking place as mass tourism has increased in recent times. The atmosphere is fresh and one will feel relieved from their daily busy life and work.

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