Do you know that the mythological stories you have heard or the facts that you know have a hidden message behind? Have you ever wondered what the ancient mythology would be like when applied in the modern times? Or have you ever tried to decode the myth and the folklore prevalent in the society? Well if yes, here are the best Mythology blogs and websites you should follow and get the desired dose of mythological knowledge.

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Here is a list for you - TOP MYTHOLOGY BLOGS 2019



  1. Norsemyth :A renowned writer on Mythology and religion, Dr. Karl E. H. Seigfried hails from Chicago and is known for his work as a Norse Mythologist and a melodious musician. He also serves as a goði priest for Thor's Oak Kindred which is an organization that fosters the practice of Ásatrú religion in Chicago. His website, The Norse Mythology Blog is one of the reputed mythology blog followed by millions of readers from across the world.
  2. Devdutt :A renowned author, speaker and mythologist, DevDutt Patnaik bring modernization to the Hindu mythology. He uses the mythology to create value in modern management, leadership and governance. He is a trained medical practitioner who worked in the Pharma and Healthcare industry for 15 years only to end up writing more than 30 mythological books and 600 columns.
  3. Terri Windling :Terri Windling is a writer, editor, painter, folklorist and a soul always wandering through the mythic woods. After learning literature and folklore, working as an editor in New York, co-founding an Arts Retreat and creating a Mythic Arts organization, Terri now is dedicated to her blog and live with his husband Devon village
  4. womenandmyth :The Association for the study of Women and Mythology was founded in 2007 with the aim to offer support to scholarly and creative works in the field of sacred feminine, women and mythology. They are an organization that educate the general public for such studies and thus offer free courses and programs.
  5. Reddit :Do you have any question related to mythology or wish to answer other’s doubt about the same, well Reddit is a perfect place to nurture your passion for mythology. Meet like-minded people and learn from and teach them about mythology and related subjects anytime, anywhere. It is an open platform, anyone can join after registering the email id.
  6. Aliisaacstoryteller :A student of literature, a fiction and non-fiction book author and an excellent blogger, Ali is a one-man army in herself. She is passionate about Mythology and Ireland’s magical ancient heritage fascinates her a lot. With her love for writing and interest in Mythology, she curated attention-binding and knowledgeable blogs which compel you to think about the mythological aspect of life more than often.
  7. Norse Mythology :If Norse Mythology have interested you lately, this is the best Norse Mythology blog to follow. From knowing more about Norse Mythology to understanding the life of Vikings, there is a lot to learn and admire on this blog. You can enjoy written, visual and video content on Norse Mythology and brush your knowledge on the subject.
  8. mythpodcast :Here is the ripped up truth about the Mythology you never knew. Just like its name, Myths and Legends brings you an account of real-life legends, what they actually looked like and how they were different from the modern representation. Enjoy the stories of magic, Vikings, dragons, knights and princesses in the real time. What happened and how?
  9. popmythology :Love mythology the other way round, here is a blog that give you a dose of wisdom for your passion. Find text on comic reviews, heroes’ wisdom, applied Geekism, movies, mythological books, and many other related topics to get equipped with deeper secrets of mythology and its relevance in the modern times.
  10. earthandstarryheaven :The founder and manager of the blog is a renowned author with five successful books in its account. The blog is for those who are chasing their mythological dreams and want a place that quench their thirst for knowledge and learning.
  11. mythfolklore :Though the blog is an Un-Textbook of Mythology and Folklore catering to the curriculum needs of students enrolled in MLLL-3043-995, a course offered by the University of Oklahoma, it has many intriguing and wondrous content that can keep any mythology enthusiast engaged for a lifetime. From Adam and Eve to Alice In Wonderland to Aesop, American Indian Tales and more, here you can find a full account of interesting mythological topics.
  12. greekmythcomix :The blog is founded and managed by L E Jenkinson commonly known by the name of Jenks. She is a teacher of Classical Civilisation, Ancient History and Introductory Latin for over 10 years now and has a lot of amazing and intriguing Mythological stories and facts to share through her blog.
  13. mythologymatters :Arthur George is an International Lawyer who loves to pursue his passion for history, myth, religion, philosophy, and other fascinating subjects in his spare time. He has been a rewarding International lawyer for 30 years while he also wrote many mythological books and columns. His blog talks about ious mythological issues and caters to the interest of novice as well as expert mythological enthusiasts.
  14. decodehindumythology :Just like the name suggests, the blog is about Hindu mythology and related myths and legend. The founder and manager of this blog is Dr. Vineet Aggarwal, who is a multi-talent holder. His aim is to learn new culture and find the science hidden behind ancient mythologies of the World.
  15. mythologicalfact:If you are someone who is interested in myths and legend and want to know more about them and their logical connections, this blog is the perfect place to find the information. Find intriguing Hindu Mythology stories and know what, when and why happened. The blog aims to demystify the myths and make a better and mythological abreast society.
  16. immanencejournal :A dedicated mythological portal, immanence journal is all about research, content and mythological revelations. They publish digital and hard-copies of high-quality mythological material including books and film reviews as well. They find the connection between the tale and the teller and show the world, what the real picture of a legend is.
  17. Kerala Mythology :Kerala Mythology is a blog that is dedicated to the myths and folklore of South India. Kerala is known to be a place of great mythological importance and the blog brings forth tales of the yesteryears. Read out the stories and legends where evil spirits, gods, human beings, sorcerers and more lived together.
  18. Painting-mythology :Henry Zaidan maintains this intriguing blog wherein you can find contemporary, traditional as well as modern representation of Mythology. Read about scriptures from the bible or painting from a former era that has hidden mythology facts and stories to narrate. Highly-researched and well-maintained content for mythology lovers.
  19. It’s all Greek Mythology :It’s all Greek Mythology Tome is a mythology blog maintained by John W. Tuohy. He is a writer and a mythology enthusiast who hails from Washington DC. He has written a number of books about mythological myths and legends. The blog is dedicated to Greek Mythology and talks about ious facts and mythological stories.
  20. essexmyth:The Department of Psychosocial and Psychoanalytic Studies PPS at the University of Essex the blog is a digital representation of the curriculum read at the Centre of Myth Studies, a center administered by The Department of Psychosocial and Psychoanalytic Studies PPS at the University of Essex. The blog was developed in 2008 and is aimed on promoting mythological studies, research work and other scholarly works.
  21. hindumyths :Ruminations on Hindu Mythology is a blog that attempts to collect mythological studies, stories and folklore at one place. If you are interested in Hindu mythology and the secrets hidden within, this is the blog to follow. The founder of this blog is also a wanderer by soul and collects stories from all across the India to feel the curiosity of its readers.
  22. mythosophia :A blog that has story-wisdom, mythic knowledge, narrative intelligence, Poetic consciousness and many other stories about the mythological secrets of the world. With each blog post, you can find many links that support the content written on the post. The blog is designed in a way that it keeps people from different origins engaged with quality mythological stuff.
  23. Mithsofhinduism :Know more about Hindu mythology and folklore by a renowned mythologist of India. The grandson of the Rajvaidya of the last Riyasat of Rajasthan, Mr. Anubhav Sharma narrates ious mythological stories and folklore. A well-educated and knowledgeable individual, he brings forth lots of mythological stories for the common men of India.
  24. Shortstories :The Bill’s Greek Mythology is a blog sponsored by the Hard's Center for Hellenic Studies that studies the Greek mythology, classical studies, and the Kosmos Society. Established in 2010, the blog features highly intense knowledge about the mythology and related stories.
  25. mythtake :Alison Innes & Darrin Sunstrum welcome you to their blog Mythtake. Know more about ancient myth and stories. They do not narrate simple stories but find out the science behind them by analyzing the literal meaning of each aspect. You can read about mythological text, figure or theme and much more on this blog.
  26. norseandviking :A well-established blog, the Norse and Viking is a complete account of the author’s experiences with the Vikings, and other mythological aspects in modern life. It would interest most of the readers to find out how Vikings are related to our day to day life or how they exist in the modern world.
  27. myth-autism :Mythology and Autism is a blog that talks about the author’s encounter with autism and mythology and how she finds a relationship between the two. There are many aspect and stories that has autism and mythology as a part of them.
  28. deitschmythology :if you have heard about Pennsylvania Germans, also known as  Pennsylvania Dutch or Deitsch, this blog narrates many interesting tales about their mythology.  Read the Urglaawe perspective of old and new tales, anecdotes, and viewpoints, and have a fair sight for mythology.

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