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10 Worst Countries To Drive

If you wish to enjoy driving in Russia then summers are considered relatively safe because in rainy season roads get extreme sleet and in winter roads get slippery. Winters are the most dangerous time to drive on the road in Russia. You will also experience constant traffic jams that make driving stressful in Russia.

2. - Slovakia

Slovakia gets the second position because driving in this country could be dangerous because of the worst road condition because of bad weather, driving standards are quite low, and you might find really angry drivers here. The bad road conditions lead to almost 300 deaths per year, avoid driving in Slovakia especially in winters.

Driving in Poland could be really stressful as you not only take care while driving but need to safeguard your car from getting stolen. The ratio between cars and decent roads are very few, you might always get narrow, dark, and usually under ongoing construction while you drive in here, this creates lots of confusion that ends up with 5,000 reported deaths due to traffic accidents every year.

Being a tourist you must not try driving in turkey because people just don’t take driving seriously here and they are not even concerned about other drivers in the same lane. They drive as fast as possible with blasting music. This country secured third position as a million accidents recorded last year.

When you are hungry, crossing any street will be dangerous and fatal. According to a report most of the deaths are from pedestrian fatalities. If you still dare to drive in this country make sure that you buckle your seat belt because another vehicle might crash into yours.

To experience scary driving conditions you must plan a trip to South Korea. Road safety laws are not taken seriously here. People drive really fast here and you might find vehicle on sidewalks, so driving and walking could be fatal here. If you are a tourist you might be shocked to see fatalities lying on the side of the roads.

Greece has secured the seventh position because of newly built highways and old road systems that makes people confuse and lead to fatal accidents. Being travelers you might not get any help from the road signs. The drivers in Greece are not concerned for other vehicle and drive without considering what speed is appropriate.

United States secured an 8th position which is quite shocking, but it is one of the dangerous countries to drive in. according to a report, 50% of accident in the US are due to poorly designed highways and road-related conditions. The most common reason of accidents is drunken driving, speeding and not following driving rules.

If you are planning to visit the Czech Republic then is extremely cautious on their dangerous roads. Most of the people drive in such high speed that this country secured 9th position on the list with a high rate of accidents and even fatalities. The driving laws in the Czech Republic are very strange.

Belgium is a great country to visit, but you might get frustrated seeing the worst traffic in all of Europe. Here employer provides care to their employee instead of giving raises or bonuses that lead to a lot of vehicles out on the roads and it leads to accidents

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