Top 10 Cities to Visit in Greece

Top 10 Cities to Visit in Greece

Greece is a country with endless possibilities for tourists. It has snow-capped mountains, spectacular beaches and jaw-dropping ancient ruins of many civilizations. The country has an amazing history and a rich cultural legacy. Some of its highly stunning islands can be a treat for the eyes due to the natural settings and scenery that they offer. While visiting the country, it should be ensured that there is ample time in hand so that most cities and islands can be visited.   We highlight here the 10 most desired cities of Greece that must be seen in one’s lifetime.

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Here is a list for you - Top 10 Cities to Visit in Greece

1. Athens

The city has defied the ravages of time and it is also the capital of Greece so that any visit to the country cannot be complete without visiting Athens. Ancient historic sites like the Temple of Zeus and the Parthenon over here can be just admirable to watch. A visit to the Acropolis over here can be just fascinating. The Plaka district of Athens offers some exquisite restaurants and handicraft shops. Enjoying the gastronomic Greek cuisines in Plaka can be simply awesome.  

2. Santorini

Santorini is a ‘Diamond of the Aegean’ so that each year millions of tourists pour in to enjoy the sun and sand. The sunset views, breathtaking scenery, volcanic beaches, and beautiful villages are an attraction of this wonderful place. The blue and white skyline of the town, its turquoise waters and the fine dining options attract hordes of visitors each year to this paradise and this has become one of the most 10 most desired cities of Greece.

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3. Corfu

This north-western island of Greece offers rugged mountains and some stunning isolated beaches. The white sandy beaches of Corfu can be very much inviting for any visitor. The anti-pirate castles, remnants of Venetian builders and small towns like Perithia can simply be the game changer for any tourist’s itinerary. 

4. Zakynthos

It can be any party animal’s hotspot with a tremendous nightlife. However, if the parties do not interest much, one can always visit the photographic Shipwreck Cove that offers splendid scenery. The white sands of Navagio beach and the huge white cliffs over here can always be a reason to visit this fantastic island.  

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5. Rhodes

While in the city, the mighty Colossus of Rhodes must be visited to enjoy its magical charm. The island also offers some pristine, clear beaches with superb swimming spots. The nightlife of Faliraki can be simply outstanding for any party hopper. The island is a superb mix of sleepy towns, enough history, and some really amazing beaches.

6. Delphi

It is situated on the slopes of Mount Parnassus and provides an awesome setting. The city offers enough Greek history to all its visitors. The Temple of Apollo, Athena Priene, the ancient stadium and theatre are all testimonies of the rich Greek history and the Oracle of Delphi so that a visit here can be highly pleasurable.

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7. Nafplio

The city was the seat of power and capital of the country through many centuries while today elites of the country flock to it. This seaside metropolis has a lot of stunning fortresses and citadels. The beaches and restaurants of the island can be enticing and people can relax and enjoy here comfortably.

8. Skyros

It can be said to be an under-rated virgin island as fewer tourists visit the place. However, it offers some beautiful beaches and sleepy seaside villages. It has pine forests in the north while rocky shores and parched hills define the southern landscape. Hence, tourists can get the best of both worlds over here. 

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9. Knossos

It is one of the most spectacular places of the country and is a historical town as it was the seat of the Minoan civilization that ruled here approximately 5,000 years back. The Minoan ruins of Knossos are very close to the Cretan capital Heraklion and well maintained bronze-age artifacts can be seen here. Fine pottery and astounding mosaics from the period can be simply stunning. There is also the famous hall of the kings over here where the folklore of the Labyrinth and the Minotaur took place.   

10. Meteora

This northern Greece town was built during the 14th and 16th-century and oozes charm of its own! Some of the world’s most fabulous Orthodox churches can be found here. The Meteora Monasteries enjoy a double UNESCO World Heritage Site status – one for art and the other for nature. Visiting them can be quite pleasing and enjoyable.


Some of the best cities in Greece have been listed here in no particular order of preference. Depending upon a choice and suitability, either of them or even multiple cities can be visited on a tour so that the best Greek experience can be derived.

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