Healthy and tasty Coorg dishes you should try

Healthy and tasty Coorg dishes you should try


Kodagu, also known as Coorg, is a rural district in the southwest Indian state of Karnataka. It is famous for the statues it has plus the variety of special food it serves. From the sweet-salty to the tangy spicy flavors you can get all of it here which is worth trying. So if you are planning for a vacation to Coorg doesn’t forget to try the dishes mentioned below. 

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Here is a list for you - Healthy and tasty Coorg dishes you should try

1. Kadambuttu


Kadambuttu or Kadambuttu are steamed rice balls which are made using broken rice. A little quantity of grated coconut is also added in the mix with which the rice balls are made. A staple of Coorg cuisine, Kadambuttu is best served with flavorful Pandi Curry or Chicken Curry.

2. Bamboo Shoot Curry


While bamboo is basically used in North-Eastern cuisine, Coorg is one of the other few places in India which makes use of bamboo in the local dishes. And, one of the most famous of these would be the Bamboo Shoot Curry served here. It is made mostly during the monsoon season which involves peeling and slicing the bamboo shoots. Fresh bamboo shoots are not safe to consume so it is first left in a tub of water to eradicate any poisonous acids. Once it is ready to be made further ingredients like ground coconut, mustard and red chillies are added to whip up a delicious curry. 

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3. Koli Curry


Whether you try it with steamed rice, chapatti, akki roti, kadambuttu or curd rice, the flavorful and spicy Koli Curry will actually make you crave for more. It is a favorite dish among the non-vegetarians Kodava dishes, this one also uses a great amount of coconut in its preparation. Some recipes also say to add some tamarind and poppy seeds for a distinct tangy flavor.

4. Paputtu


An acronym of ‘paal’ milk and ‘puttu’, paputtu is steamed rice, another special dish of Coorg region. Creamy and sweet enough, this dish is made using broken rice, cardamom, coconut and lightly sweetened milk. Mop up handfuls of the yummy papputtu with some Koli curry and enjoy the amalgamation of flavors.

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5. Pandi Curry


The list of Coorg cuisine cannot be regarded as complete without a mention of the piquant Pandi curry. Juicy chunks of pork in a hot and slightly tangy gravy served with steaming kadambuttu or rice is simply perfect. What adds the trait tang to the curry would be the Kachampuli or Coorg Vinegar which is created using Malabar tamarind. The pinch of pepper gives it the spicy kick making the dish a perfect one.

6. Akki Roti


This is a famous North Karnataka dish which is prepared with rice flour and often served in the breakfast. Chopped onions, carrots, coriander leaves and dill leaves are all ingredients that are added in its making. If you want your akki roti to have a nutty flavor, add some peanut powder for the crunch. This Coorg cuisine staple is mostly served with chutney or ennegayi and looks perfect in this combination only.

Try these food items on your next visit to the heavenly tpwn of Coorg and enjoy the scenic beauty with some spices.

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