Foods of Kasauli - 5 dishes of Kasauli cuisine that you must try when you visit

Foods of Kasauli - 5 dishes of Kasauli cuisine that you must try when you visit

Foods of Kasauli is inspired by the Garhwal culture, Nepalese, Tibetan dishes. The taste of the native food would refresh you with the use of fresh vegetables, soupy texture, Rice being the integral part and main usage of non-vegetarian items. You will find that most of the restaurants are serving Non-veg types which not very common in other parts of the country. As the place gets tourists from all over the country with different fooding habits so you will find Veg Momo, Veg noodles, pau bhaji, chole bhature, and other north Indian dishes as well. They have a process of fermenting the vegetables so that they can be used later on when required. If you want to taste the authentic traditional food then Kasauli is the place for you.the food not only promises to be delicious but attention is paid to hygiene also. The following are the most popular foods offer at this tourist destination.

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Here is a list for you - Foods of Kasauli - 5 dishes of Kasauli cuisine that you must try when you visit

1. band samosa

This is undoubtedly the most popular food item in the entire town and I wouldn't be surprised if you go to Kasauli just for eating it. A very usual samosa stuffed delicately inside a bun along with lip-smacking chole ki sabzi and chutney, followed by grilling of the bun on a Tawa, and there you have it! A hot band samosa ready to be relished. A very cheap and filling option, a band samosa is available at just 8 bucks at many sweet and snack shops such as Narinder Sweet Shop and Mohan's Sweet Shop. The prices on the menu start with around INR 10 and go up.

2. himachali pulao

If you are fond of rice, you will definitely love this one! A flavored basmati rice dish that is cooked with vegetables in a biryani style and served with chutneyHimachali Pulao is one of the favorites among the tourists and the locals alike. This is a dish that you can find at almost all the restaurants in Kasauli.

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3. wines

Because of so many orchards, Kasauli also offers a wide variety of cheap, locally produced wines. Popular ones that are available are plum wine, apple wine, peach wine, sherry wine, and black grape wine. They are easily available at provisional stores such as Gupta Provisional Store located very close to the main bus stand in the town.

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5. momos

Momos is a very common dish nowadays. You will be surprised to know that originally it comes from the Tibetan kitchen. This dish is enlisted on the menu of every restaurant you visit in Kasauli. They have used some great Kasauli and Garhwal flavors to make it even more enriching to taste. It is made of white flour and fillings can be changed to create a lot of variety for the guests. In Kasauli, they have normal cabbage fillings the classic one apart from they have pork, chicken, cheese, noodles, chillis, and much more. There is various type of preparations as well like paneer, steamed, fried, Tandoori. If you want to try the real taste then the best place would be all over Kasauli and its a fact.

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