Coronavirus Travel Advisory: Getting Travel Ready and Protect Yourself when Travelling during the Coronavirus Outbreak

Coronavirus Travel Advisory: Getting Travel Ready and Protect Yourself when Travelling during the Coronavirus Outbreak

Travel and tourism has always been one of the best industries to be associated with. Also, this is one of the sectors that are quite in boom these days. But, with the outbreak of Covid-19, Coronavirus travel and tourism industry has taken a major hit. The Novel Coronavirus has infected almost 176 countries leading to severities and deaths in a few cases. The total number of death cases across the globe has crossed 7,500 and has infected a total of 198,772 people. There are several measures and steps taken to prevent the virus from all the countries as there are no medicines or vaccines for this virus so far.A few of the countries are on complete lockdown situation as a preventive measure and the WHO has d the Covid-19, Novel Coronavirus as a pandemic. Well, despite all these things, at times it becomes highly essential to travel. Some of the countries have completely raised a ban on International tourism until the situation comes under control. Some of the countries have also banned inter-state travel as well. There are screenings done at all the airports in order to prevent the spread of the virus further. In this article, we have written about a few important things that you must know and be aware of the Covid-19, Novel Coronavirus. 

How to protect yourself when traveling during the coronavirus COVID-2019 outbreak?

The first and foremost thing is to understand the symptoms of Coronavirus infection. There have been outbursts amongst the mass regarding the infection. There has been a lack of knowledge and awareness amongst people and this is leading to a lot of infections everywhere. Hence, knowing the symptoms of Coronavirus would save a lot of people because based on this, one can start taking preventive measures.The symptoms of coronavirus are as follows:

  • Runny nose
  • Sore throat
  • Cough
  • Fever
  • Difficulty breathing severe cases
  • It is important to understand the difference between a common cold, cough and coronavirus symptoms. However, one must not neglect common cold, cough or fever for more than 2 days. Consulting a local physician and getting the necessary tests and check-up done is highly important.
  • It is good to stay indoors because the virus is known to spread quickly when you come in contact with an infected person. Since this is not an airborne disease, the virus is known to travel into the bodies of others when you touch or come in contact with an infected person. Hence, social distancing is pretty much recommended.The virus is known to spread through touching your face, nose, and eyes frequently. Hence, avoid doing these things.When you are sneezing make sure to cover your nose with a handkerchief that is clean or use tissues and dispose of those closed dust-bins.Use soaps and hand sanitizer which has alcohol content in them. These are known to keep the germs away from your hands thus, preventing the infection. 

  • Make sure to use masks if you feel that our cold and cough aren’t going away despite taking medicines
  • Eat food that can improve your immune system.
  • Keep your throat moist and keep sipping water frequently.  
  • Ensure to maintain personal hygiene and cleanliness as much as possible 

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    Here is a list for you - Coronavirus Travel Advisory: Getting Travel Ready and Protect Yourself when Travelling during the Coronavirus Outbreak

    1. Coronavirus Travel Advisory

    Most of the countries have already banned the international travelers from traveling to their countries. However, if the residents of a country is returning to their homelands from any of the foreign destination must follow the below things without fail.

    • Get a health certificate from the country where you are traveling from 
    • Make sure that you put yourself into thorough screening and get all the tests done by cooperating with the authorities
    • Ensure to self-isolate if you have fever, cold, and cough and get it quarantined 
    • Try not to come out as much as possible and stay back at homes if you feel unhealthy despite the screening process
    • Call the helpline numbers and seek assistance
    • Even when you are at home, it is recommended to stay away from the others because the virus might spread if you come in contact with people
    • Do not attend any social gatherings or even speak to someone without maintaining a bare minimum distance of 6ft
    • If you are accompanied by someone else, please keep the authorities informed as this can help them curb the virus-infected people.
    • Make sure to avoid any travel plans until the bans are lifted unless and absolutely needed 
    • Well, by following all these things you would be able to prevent Coronavirus. Especially when you are traveling, you must be extra cautious and take all the steps as mentioned in order to protect yourselves from getting infected and spreading it to the others as well. Well, prevention of a deadly virus like Corona is not just in the hands of the Government officials, it is a social responsibility. 
        Know these things about Coronavirus – FAQs

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