Should I cancel my Travel Plans due to Coronavirus?

Should I cancel my Travel Plans due to Coronavirus?

There has been a situation of panic everywhere with the outbreak of Novel Coronavirus from mainland China. A lot of countries are going through a tough situation at the moment, especially after the WHO declaring the NOVID Corona-19 a pandemic disease.  The disease has so far consumed approximately 4900 lives across the globe with more than 1, 40,000 infected cases. International travelers are being banned and most of the countries have sealed the borders. Visas have been canceled and the flights remain canceled due to the fear of the virus. Apart from mainland China, the virus has affected a lot of people in Italy and Korea according to the latest reports.  Italy is under a complete lockdown situation and Indian travelers are stranded at the airport without security as well. Most of the countries are asking the travelers to obtain a medical certificate of being tested ‘Negative’ for the virus before they are allowed to board the flights. With these things happening around, it is mandatory to think twice to travel to any foreign country. There have been a lot of efforts taken by the government and the labs to come up with an antidote for this deadly virus sooner but, traveling can still be considered riskier. Why should I cancel my travel plans? The virus has been found to spread to several other countries like Spain, Germany, Korea, and Italy, Parts of the United Kingdom, India and the United States. The number of infected cases is increasing by the day hence; your chances of getting infected can be higher as well. Hence, traveling to any international destination can relatively be a bad choice at this moment. Majority of the countries have banned the outsiders Several countries like Spain, Greece, and India, parts of the UK and the US along with Italy, Japan, and Bhutan have restrictions from allowing people to enter the country. Airports are on high alert and the passengers are screened at the airport itself. The passengers would be isolated and quarantined if the test results are positive. Along with the others who have travelled with the infected should also go through the procedures of treatment. Hence, an international trip in this situation can turn out to be a nightmare. There are travel bans by some of the countries  America has banned entry to 26 European countries and it has relaxed the bans for the Americans that have gone through screenings. People who lived in China and Iran for the last 14 days are allowed to enter the country only through certain airports after thorough screening.   Austria and Australia are a few other countries that have banned International Destination visit unless and absolutely required. Hong Kong has issued a complete ban on travelers that were in China for the last 14 days. India has also been strict in banning the tourist Visas for all the International visitors and people with a travel history of returning from China, France, Germany, Iran, Italy, South Korea, and Spain are put under a thorough screening process for 14 days. This includes returning travelers as well.    Isolation and quarantine All the countries have strict forces being implemented right at the airports and if found positive you would be isolated and quarantined for 14 days. Hence, it can be quite an inappropriate situation to travel. Majority of the attractions are closed International destination travel for leisure is to be avoided strictly because most of the attractions and tourist places are shut as there are hardly any people.  Some of the countries have also strictly raised a ban on leisure travel. Also, if you are traveling for leisure and you are unable to visit the major tourist spots then; your travel to that place would be of no use.    Rescheduling does not cost any money The majority of the airlines have agreed to waive off the charges if the flights are rescheduled due to the Coronavirus outbreak.  So, you might not have to worry about the extra money that you have to shell down for re-booking your tickets. Also, some of the airlines have stopped their services as there are no bookings happening due to the outrageous fear of the virus.    The risk of getting infected Some of the countries like China, Korea, and Italy are being infected largely and if you have your travel plans made to any of these countries, it is recommended that you cancel them immediately. Also, most of the countries have banned international tourists hence; you are left with very minimal chances of visiting international destinations. Well, due to all these reasons it is advisable to reschedule or cancel your travel plans. However, if it is an inevitable travel plan, you must follow the guidelines as published by the WHO. Taking all the necessary precautions as mentioned by the health advisory boards are important to keep yourselves away from Novel Covid-19.  Know these things about Coronavirus – FAQs  

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