Coronavirus in India - Should you travel within the country?

Coronavirus in India - Should you travel within the country?

The outbreak of Coronavirus is causing a lot of havoc and affecting the daily routine of people. of coronavirus as a pandemic by the WHO is leading to a lot of chaos and the fear is spreading worldwide. There are more than 78 countries that are affected by this deadly virus and the death rate around the world has crossed more than 4000.  Indian sub-continent has also reported cases of Coronavirus affected people and the count so far has reached 73. None of the residents of India have shown any symptoms of Coronavirus but, the ones who have traveled back to India from countries like the United States of America, Italy, and Dubai have been tested positive for Covid-19.    Screenings are done at the airport With strict screenings and tests organized at the airports for the International travelers, the Indian Government has been able to curb the coronavirus infected people right at the initial stages. Kerala was the first state to confirm the first Novel Coronavirus infected person who had a history of travel from Dubai.   Is traveling within the country safe? Well, if you ask; “Is it safe to travel within the country”? The answer would be certainly a, “Yes” However, there are a lot of precautions one must take before the travel. It is important to understand that the situation is under control. The number of recoveries and discharges is higher than the deaths across the world too when compared to the other epidemic diseases that had spread a few years ago. Viruses like Nipah, Ebola, SERS, and MARS had consumed thousands of lives within a short period of time.    There are no medicines or vaccines  However, it is also essential to understand that there aren’t any vaccines that are found out to treat the new COVID-19 virus. Since the labs are still conducting experiments and the trials are yet to be released. It is mandatory to stay a little cautious. Mentioned below are the cases from different states in India that are being tested positive for Covid-19 infection. State                          Infected Cases Delhi                                       6 Haryana                                 14 Kerala                                    17 Rajasthan                               3 Telangana                              1 Uttar Pradesh                        11 Ladakh                                   3 Tamil Nadu                            1 Jammu Kashmir                    1 Punjab                                   1 Karnataka                              7 Maharashtra                         12 Andhra Pradesh                    1 The numbers look pretty negligible when you look at them per state however; the chances of getting infected can be high since the virus is known to spread quickly. Therefore, it is important to take a lot of precautions while traveling. Traveling within the country is still safe as all the infected people have already been treated and supervised at the dedicated hospitals. AC coaches can be avoided Taking a bus or a train is compared to be less risky because you could choose to travel in Non-AC coaches and compartments.  Since the virus is known to spread through the air droplets, it is recommended to take necessary precautions while traveling. There are helpline numbers given by the Government and one can get in touch with them immediately. Traveling within the country is still not an issue however; there are a lot of things to be taken care of while you are traveling.    Keep your hands clean The Indian Railway Department has ensured to keep the surfaces tidier than before as the virus can quickly breed if the surfaces are dirty. Likewise, you must ensure to keep your hands clean. Do not touch or hold anything unless and absolutely needed. Usage of Hand wash, sanitizers and soaps while washing your hands can be a good option.   Use masks  Make sure to wear masks that are of high quality and when you are interacting with people, ensure to maintain a minimum distance of 3-4 ft. Do not go close to people who have cold and cough. As already mentioned, the virus is known to spread through the air droplets. Remember to clean your hands for a minimum 20 seconds every time you wash.   Use tissues while sneezing and coughing Make sure to use tissues if you are coughing or sneezing and ensure to dispose of them in a closed dust-bins. Ensure to stay away from hugging, shaking hands and kissing especially if the person is suffering from cold and cough. There are health line numbers given to every state, district, and city. If you find that you have developed fever, cold and cough make sure that you do not travel. Call those numbers and seek help. Well, one must be aware of the symptoms too.  Common cold and cough do not need any isolation. You must be intelligent enough to keep yourselves safe. Also, do not panic, be aware and make your travel plans accordingly. So, keeping these things in mind traveling to places within the country is still safer.  Know these things about Coronavirus – FAQs

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