Turkey Visa Application Process

Turkey Visa Application Process

The process of application for Turkey Visa and achieving one is quite easy for Indians. However, the rules involved in the process and the eligibility criteria might differ from one country to another. Several pre-d regulations need to be followed to get the Turkey Visa.The range of rules for various types of Visa The visa rules and regulations for work visits are different from that of a tourist visa. There is also a Business visa, Education Visa and many other forms of Turkey Visa. People visit the country for various reasons like work, to do business or study in their universities or simply for a holiday; hence their visa requirements are different. Therefore anyone who plans to visit Turkey for any of the reasons mentioned earlier or any other purpose must collect all necessary information associated with the visa regime of Turkey. They must go through all the available details on visa and the process of acquiring a visa in the country. Note: The rules for acquiring a turkey visa can get altered according to the reciprocity principle. 

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Here is a list for you - Turkey Visa Application Process

1. The process of acquiring Turkish visa for Indians

The country, Turkey, offers typically various types of Visa; however, they all mainly fall under five different categories, namely Official Visa, Business or Tourist Visa, Work Visa, Education Visa, and Other Visa. In some instances, applicants might be exempt from acquiring a Turkish visa for their visit to Turkey for their work or business or form tourism, but in most cases, Indians get e-Visa easily. The rules for Turkey visa as well as the fees are different for different types of Visa.
The other visa category comprises of visa like Family union purpose, Documentary purpose, Freight visa, Archaeological excavation purpose, Seafarer visa, exploration purpose, Medical or health treatment purpose, Accompaniment purpose and Tour operator official. One can apply for Visa under any of these categories and in maximum cases get the visa after the official work is complete.
The requirements for Indians to get Turkey visa
The first thing done is choosing the visa category according to one's purpose of visit to Turkey. Then it is necessary to keep some documents ready such as a visa application form containing all correct details of the applicant which must be duly signed, two photographs of 2.5 inch X 2.5 inch neatly cut and shaped in sizethe photo should have a white background, Two photocopies of the first and last page of the applicant's passport, bank statement of the applicant of last 3 months and it should have an adequate amount of 1 lakh or more maintained in it. 

Some other requirements for the Turkey visa
If the applicant of the Turkey visa does the job in a company or any other organization, then it is mandatory to get an official leave letter from the employer and submit the original copy when required. In case the applicant is self-employed a cover letter is required. The letter must contain the authorized name of the applicant, company stamp, signatory and designation. For cover letters that are written on business letterheads, they must be notarized attested by the Ministry of External Affairs MEA.
A memorandum of proprietorship, certificate, association or partnership deed proof must be kept ready with the applicant name mentioned correctly in case the person is a director, partner, proprietor or self-employed. For job doers or employed or salaried applicants, they must provide the salary slip of the last 3 months and also the information about their salary account. The information must contain authorized stamp and signature of the concerned authority.
The applicant must also keep ready a copy of his or her tour itinerary, a copy of the travel insurance done by the applicant, details, and photocopy of the hotel reservation, photocopy of a return ticket.

Application procedure for Turkey Visa for Indians from India
The appropriate form for Turkey Visa application is available on the official site and can be downloaded from the website. The applicant must at the first place be very sure and clear about the purpose of the visit to Turkey. Then one should select the category of visa and fill up the application form completely. There is a particular space where the photograph has to be fixed as per the previously mentioned size. 
The essential and mentioned documents must be attached with the application and the information mentioned in the form must be correct. The form must be filled up entirely as the authority will under no circumstances accept incorrect r incomplete form. 
The application form once filled must be submitted at the Visa Facilitation Services VFS. The fees as set by the authorities must be paid in cash at the VFS center. After submission, the status of the application can be tracked and checked at the official website over the internet. Finally, one can collect the passport from the Visa Facilitation Services center or can even wait for the courier to arrive with the necessary documentation.

The fees structure for the Turkey Visa for Indians
The fees imposed on the applicant for Turkish Visa is based on two factors, firstly the type of visa selected and secondly on the total number of application entries in Turkey. The fees for the Visa can range from 3300 INR to 13,900 INR. The visa fees can be submitted only in cash between 9 in the morning till noon. A single entry will cost INR 3300, while a multi-entry is available for INR 10,900.

The time is taken for Turkey Visa procession
It takes 3 to 12 working days for the procession of the visa from the date of submission. Turkey offers e-visa to Indians and has added India to the e-visa list. This has resulted in 90 thousand visitors from India traveling to Turkey in 1 year. Among these 90 thousand visitors, nearly 70 percent of them have availed the facility of e-visa.

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