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India to Turkey Visa Application Process

India to Turkey Visa Application Process

Turkey is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Indians plan their visit to Turkey for different reasons. However, for the Indian citizen, there is no on arrival visa for Turkey. A set of documents is to be submitted to get The Visa.


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1. Application From

Application From

You can download the application form online and can fill the details for the submission. All the details are to be mentioned in the form. Write not applicable in the space where you do not require filling the information

  • Valid Passport

Your passport should be a valid one. The passport should be valid for a period of 6 six months from the date you have filed the application.

  • Photographs

Two colored passport size photograph is to be submitted along. The size of the picture should be 50mm by 50mm 2 by 2 inches. There should be white background in the photograph and it should have a matte finish. The photograph should be such that eighty percent of the space is covered with the face. The picture should be such that hairstyle to chin is clearly visible. The photograph should not be more than three months old. The photographs should be attached to the form and the same picture should not be used for any other visa.

2. Documents Required

Documents Required
  • Covering Letter

A covering letter from the applicant should be there. This letter is an important one as it should state your purpose of visit and the list of documents which are attached with the form.

  • Leave Letter if working in a company

If you are working in a company then a leave letter that is the proof of leave sanctioned by the company should be attached. It would serve as a proof that you will come back.

  • Business Letter

If you have a business then letter about your firm showing your working condition is required. It serves a purpose that you won't settle there as you have work in your home country.

  • Air ticket

The air ticket which shows about your trip to the country and return should be attached along.

  • Other travel details if there

If you are traveling to some other country as well then visa for that country is required as a proof. Even you bookings at that place or ticket should be attached for the surety purpose.

  • For the fresh passport holders

For the citizens with no stamp of any country, Turkey Visa cannot be obtained like this. You need to attach bank statements showing your affordability for the trip. The funds should be such that it would help you to survive for three months in Turkey. Minimum of 100 USD per day is to be shown. Even the Income Tax Return for the last three years is to be attached along.

For the people who already have Schengen Visa or USA Visa, it will be an advantage to get Visa easily.

3. Visa Fees

Visa Fees

The Visa fee for tourist Visa to Turkey is Rs 3,930 for single entry and for multiple entries the fee is Rs 13,100.

  • Processing Time

A period of 2-3 days will take for the file to be processed.

  • Track the application

You can track the application online by filling the reference number or date of birth.

  • Collecting the passport

You can collect your passport by hand or through the courier service.

So, this is the entire process to get the Visa of Turkey. Apply for it today and enjoy a great trip to Turkey!!


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