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India to Russia Visa Application Process

26 Nov 2022 03:53 PM
India to Russia Visa Application Process

To enter the land of Russia, entry visa is required by Indian applicant. Every year many Indians visit Russia for different purposes. If you too are considering visiting this great country, here is the entire process to get the Visa of Russia.

To get Russian tourist Visa following documents are to be submitted to the Embassy.


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1. Application From

Application From
  • Passport

You need to submit original passport with the application form. The passport should be in a good condition and two blank pages should be there in it for the stamp. The passport should be valid for at least six months after your departure date from Russia.

  • Passport size photograph

Two passport size photographs are to be attached along which should be signed at the back. The photograph should have a matte background and should be such that seventy to eighty percent of the space of photo is covered with the face. From hairstyle to chin, visibility should be there.

  • For individual travelers

Air ticket- the air tickets of arrival and departure from Russia are mandatory to be attached in the file. It proves that you will come back.

  • Hotel reservations- For your stay in Russia you need to attach the hotel booking along. The exact address of your stay should be attached as Embassy has to keep a record of it.

  • Financial availability- You need to show your funds proving your affordability of the whole trip. This is a must for the government of Russia as you won't be dependent on them.


2. For tour group or Cruise Passenger

For tour group or Cruise Passenger

Letter- a letter from Tour Company or Cruise Company proving your booking with them > Even a letter from the Russian company as they have approved your stay and bookings. This is a must for the Visa.

  • For the people who require a transit visa for Russia even, they have to submit the following documents

  • Original Passport – The passport should have two blank pages for the stamp.

  • Application form- The form should be completely filled and signed. Two copies of the form should also be attached.

  • Two passport size photograph- Two photographs should be attached along which should be signed at the back. The photograph should be as per the specification of The Russian Government.

  • Visa to the Destination- The destination which you are traveling that is the main destination, Visa of that country should be attached along. It is a must as it will serve as a proof for the Embassy that you are applying for the transit visa only.

  • Tickets- the tickets for your whole trip that is the main destination even should be attached along. This is very important as it will give the surety of your further travel.

  • Affordability- You even need to show the bank records proving your affordability for the trip.The visa will be granted for a period of thirty days in both the cases. Thus these are the details which one should have to get Russian Visa.

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