Top 5 Offbeat Village Tourism Destination in Sikkim near Pelling, Namchi

Top 5 Offbeat Village Tourism Destination in Sikkim near Pelling, Namchi

Sikkim is a famous tourist destination. The well-known places of Sikkim such as Gangtok, North Sikkim, Machi are loved by people but they are too crowded if you wish for a decent stay. To stay away from the city crowd and explore beauty of nature, these five Offbeat Village Tourism Destination in West Sikkim near Pelling , Namchi are a must visit.   

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Here is a list for you - Top 5 Offbeat Village Tourism Destination in Sikkim near Pelling, Namchi

1. Chayatal


Chayatal is situated 600 ft above the sea level.  This place is also called as Chaya Taal. From Pelling, this place is just 32 km away. Pelling is a place which is full of crowd and one can just enjoy the city show. However, for nature lovers, Chaytal is definitely a place which makes them fall for the beauty around it. You can experience peace at this place. Though there are not many hotels and even tourist population at this place is very less, the foggy weather and the amazing view at this place is simply breathtaking.

2. Kaluk

This place is one of the most beautiful places located in West Sikkim. From Pelling, this place is just 35.9 km away. Kaluk is a Himalayan Hamlet which is full of natural beauty. This place is just a small village from where Kanchenjunga, the third highest peak is visible. The agriculture and horticulture are the major occupations of the people here. It is a developing tourist destination as people are exploring this place nowadays. A very famous monastery Gurung Monastery is also located at this place. For the one who loves trekking, this place is not to be missed in the trip.

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3. Sribadam

Sribadam is a small village. Sirbadam is also known as Sreebadam. This place is just 85 km away from Gangtok. This place is full of greenery and nature is at its best over there. This place is a total fun as a waterfall; lake and monastery are present there. Even a stream is present for the ones who love fishing. This place is 7000 ft above the sea level. One can spot a iety of birds and butterflies at this place. This place has some positive aura and is well known for healing and meditation among the public. There is a Mask Dance celebrated at this place during the month of December which is a must watch for tourist.

4. Tashiding

Tashiding is a beautiful place which is surrounded by a valley all over. From Pelling, the destination is just 40 km away.  There are worth seeing orange and cinnamon garden which add more charm to this place. Tashiding Monastery is what this place is famous for. This Monastery is famous for the holy water present there. From there one can even spot Kanchenjunga peak. Tashiding is a place where fun awaits you as one can even do boating and rafting over there. There are no hotels present in Tashiding. One can opt for Homestay where you will get the basic facilities and the food by the people of the town.

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5. Bariakhop

Bariakhop is a small place which is located 5530 ft above the sea level. This place is not for gadget lovers who just plan to spend their trip on mobile phones and social media.  This place is all about enjoying with your loved ones while playing cricket, skipping rope, football, and other such games.  Staying in resorts and enjoying food in lounges is not possible at this place. Here one can opt for homestay and enjoy food by the local people. There is a market for people to visit and enjoy. This place is about nature, the fresh air and the beauty you will see. So, one must visit this place to explore the natural beauty.
So, plan a family trip to these places and spend your vacation in the best way.

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