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10 reasons to visit Leh - Ladakh once in a Lifetime

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Scenic Beauty

The Ladakh region is nestled in between the Himalayas and the Karakoram mountain ranges. It is untouched by the hustle and bustle of people and does not boast of a torrid city life. In its serene demeanour, it impresses with its beauty studded with lakes, snow-capped mountains, green patches of land, bright blue skies and unimaginable terrains. If Kashmir is the Paradise on Earth then Ladakh is no less in terms of sheer scenic beauty. Nubra valley, the lakes- Tsokar, Tsomoriri and Pangong of the Ladakh region are the most beautiful parts of Ladakh.



Go to any region of Ladakh, be it the Nubra Valley, Lahaul or Spiti, relaxation will follow you. Thanks to scarce inhabitation in these regions, they remain undisturbed and beautiful as always. Little settlements, sweet, respectful people make travelling in Ladakh bliss. For people who have gone stiff due to strenuous schedules, Ladakh is the dream destination.

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Food 4.5 ★

In Leh-Ladakh, sumptuous yet unique food is served. Not only is it affordable, but it has its own special taste. The Indo-Tibetan influence on the food makes it lip-smacking delicious. When in Ladakh, try the Momos, Thukpa, Sku and Pava the local bread. Be it a proper restaurant or a small food stall on the road, Ladakh will not disappoint.


Bikers ride across Ladakh to reach the Chang La and Khardung La pass. The Khardung La pass is arguably the highest motorable pass in the world. Driving through Ladakh is so much fun because in a glance you see snow-clad mountains, a desert and lush green landscape. Photographers make the most of Ladakh, thanks to the Tsokar, Tsomoriri and Pangong lakes that are thronged by exotic birds. Nubra valley is yet another place to keep the camera clicking.

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Culture 4.5 ★

Ladakh has a rich culture. The Ladakhi people are mostly Tibetan Buddists of Aryan descent or Shia Muslims. They are very hospitable and kind. They live in small settlements and have a very simple lifestyle. Their jewellery and attire is peculiar and they are proud to keep their culture intact even in such changing times.



Ladakh celebrates colourful festivals comprising of dance, drama, drums and singing. The most prominent festivals celebrated in Ladakh which are spectacular to witness are- Thiksey, Karsha, Spituk Gustor and the Hemis Festival.

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Comfortable yet affordable accommodation

Getting to Ladakh is a bit costly but actually living in Ladakh is not that over the top. If you are into camping and adventure, Ladakh will be in your budget. Food is not costly as well.

Experience nomadic lifestyle

Far from the regular populated places in India, Ladakh provides a first-hand nomadic experience. Still developing technologically, Leh-Ladakh create a raw space where a vacation can truly be enjoyed the way it is meant to be.

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Scaling high peaks and mountains

High altitude passes like the Khardung La 5359 m, Chang La 5360 m attract adventurous travellers who want to scale heights. Adrenaline rush guaranteed! No question, the view of the entire region around these passes is spectacular.

Buddhist monasteries and gompas

Ladakh is home to ancient Tibetan Buddhist monasteries. These monasteries have a great history and are a symbol of Ladakh’s cultural beauty. Every monastery has something special to offer. The most famous monasteries of Ladakh are- the Hemis monastery 45 km from Leh, Spituk monastery 7 km from Leh, Shanti Stupa Changspa, the Thiksey monastery 17 km from Leh, Shey monastery 15 km and the Stok monastery 14 km from Leh.

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