The spiciest foods that one must taste in India

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The spiciness of the Indian curries and the mouth-watering taste of the rich food I India is incomplete without the spices that are used for cooking in India. Apart from the flavors and aroma that these spices serve to the food, they aid in the process of digestion in life-forms and have an anti-inflammatory property that is seen to function smoothly. The spices are known for their richness and hot servings to add a taste to the tongue. Some of the tongue numbing and spiciest food in India is listed below.

1. Phall Curry

Phall Curry


Phall curries are the spiciest and sweltering curries available in India. The spicy dish needs the gourmet specialist to wear a gas cover during its preparation and is considered to be the richest curry throughout the country full of spices. It was originally prepared with the use of Bhut Jolokia which is one of the famous bean stews in a sultry form that exists on Earth. Phall is one of its kinds that hold a record of being most sweltering in its nature. Often foreign adventure seekers try this cuisine to remember the rich taste for their lifetime.

2. Pork Vindaloo

Pork Vindaloo


A preparation made of pork that tastes better when it ages like a bottle of wine. The freshly prepared dish does not taste as good as a day's stored dish tastes. This is because the pork in the curry is marinated in a better way once it is soaked in the curry prepared of the spices for a day's time. The dish tastes hot and one who has never had this dish before would feel lava balls being taken in with every single gulp of the meat or the curry.

3. Kozhi Curry


This is a spicy curry that can make a person sweat anytime with its spicy flavor and the hotness. This is a red hot chicken curry prepared with a variety of spice ingredients added to it to add the rich taste. This curry is most common in several parts of Kerala and it is sure to take the taste buds of the tongue on roller coaster ride.

4. Beef Bean Stew


The dish is immensely warm and hot and can be located in Kerala and Maharashtra. It can be compared to s stew hamburger with beef as the main serving in the dish. It can simply be referred to as red, spicy, and hot, meat curry. The taste of this flavorful dish stays on the tongue, the food pie, and the tracts long after having a plate of the Beef stew with beans. Red hot chili powder is the key to its preparation. The dish has a robust and vibrant taste which scorched down the path of ingestion down the way to the track once consumed.

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