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Every Food Lover Must Try These Foods In Kerala

26 Nov 2022 04:03 PM
Every Food Lover Must Try These Foods In Kerala


Are you a foodie? Are you heading to Kerala, which is called God’s own country? Well, it is not only a place to witness rich culture and heritage but also surprise your taste buds with different varieties of foods. Even though plenty of cuisines are available across the world, Kerala is always the home to some delicious and mouthwatering food items, which have huge fan following worldwide.  Kerala cuisines render an array of both non-vegetarian and vegetarian dishes. No matter, whether you require authentic flavored dishes or delectable seafood, everything will be accessible in the country. Take a look at the five must-try dishes in Kerala when you travel to.

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1. Sadhya


One of the special types of meal served in Kerala, which contains several traditional vegetarian dishes, is Sadhya. During special events and festivals, this dish is prepared. Typically, a Sadhya comprises of 24-28 dishes, which served on a big banana leaf as the single course. You have to eat this meal by hands when seated cross-legged on the matted floor according to the tradition. Some of the main dishes served in this dish are rasam, sambar, kichadi, erissery, avail, banana, curd, buttermilk, and so on. In the end, you will be treated with a bowl of payasam.

2. Thalassery biryani


If you are a briyani lover, then you should not miss the popular dish of the Kerala Thalassery briyani. The traditional Thalassery briyani is quite different from others in Indian in terms of cooking style, use of spices, taste, and colorfulness. This briyani is usually made with chicken and short grain thin rice rather than basmati rice, which other briyani types mostly prefer.

3. Puttu and Kadala curry


One of the outstanding and delicious breakfast preparation in the Kerala is puttu and kadala curry. Obviously, the first thing comes in everyone mind while thinking about God’s heaven is puttu because of its splendid taste, which lasts for a long time. Usually, puttu is a cylindrical rice cake, which mixed with the grated coconut. You can pair it with kadala curry to enhance the taste even more. Kadala curry is a less spiced black-chickpea curry prepared in the roasted coconut gravy. 

4. Kerala style prawn curry


Nothing is a perfect destination to enjoy seafood than Kerala so that it is still remaining in the top position in the best places to eat in the world.  Kerala-style prawn curry is one of the classic dishes in the state, which prepared in the coconut milk with the exotic blend of spices. It also comprises sautéed tomatoes and onions.  You can enjoy this amazing dish with the hot steaming rice or chapattis based on your needs.

5. Malabar parotta


The most widely consumed dish in the state is Malabar parotta, which is a special type of paratha. This is actually made from refined flour maida. It is extremely soft, fluffy and flaky yet crispy in texture. Its golden brown color actually attracts both your eyes and tongues. You can serve this dish with erachi varutharacha curry, chicken curry, or stew. 

So, these are some of the key dishes that you can enjoy during your visit to Kerala.

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