Famous Food Festivals From Around The World

Famous Food Festivals From Around The World

  Food festivals are a great way to get the flavor of local food and their customs. Travelling foodies know that visiting a new destination means they will get to grub on the new cuisines and flavors. And the popularity of food festivals is so wide that every country celebrates their food, through these festivals. So it is high time now to ditch all your diet goals, and explore the world-famous food festivals, to get to taste the mouthwatering food. Also, all those who love food and have not attended any food festival yet, then they are missing out a lot in life.

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Here is a list for you - Famous Food Festivals From Around The World

1. Pizzafest


The city of Naples celebrates their most famous food Pizza through Pizzafest, where you get to taste myriad kinds of pizzas and pizza lovers from around the world gather here in the small village of Naples to attend this most famous food festival. Pizzas from classics Napoletana, Margherita, and Marinara you can taste here. Also, one can watch pizza makers showing off their dough throwing skills with live music and other activities to make the fest most lively one.

2. National Street Food Festival


Delhi’s street food is world famous for its spices and flavors and when you get the chance to have street food not just from Delhi, but from all the 25 Indian states at one place then nothing is more divine than that for a food lover. The most famous food festival of Delhi, National street food festival satiates all your cravings, as one can have from Imarti, Rabri, Pav Bhaji and Litti Chokha to Malabari Biryani, Rava Idli, Gustaba, and Kacha Gola all at one place. 

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3. Monkey Buffet Festival


This festival is as bizarre as it sounds, no, you don’t have to eat monkeys here, Its monkeys who will eat in this food festival and humans watch. The festival takes place in Lopburi, which is in central Thailand and the buffet is laid out in front of all the temples, where these monkeys eat and go wild all the way. 

4. Dumpling Festival


Dumpling festival is celebrated on the fifth day of the fifth Chinese lunar month. Where you get to savour the taste of zongzi dumplings and various others. One can also become part of the Dragon boat festival during this time as hundreds of international team hosts a series of events and races throughout the month.

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5. Oktoberfest


Oktoberfest is not just about the beer festival it is also being the world’s largest folk festival as in past year Oktoberfest has seen around more than six million visitors and around seven million liters of beer and thousands of chickens and grilled sausages were consumed. The festival, which goes for over a week also hosts colorful parades and a variety of rides too. So tipple your days and night away at this Oktoberfest.  

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