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Unethical Asian Food- Prolonged Hotbed of Controversy

Unethical Asian Food- Prolonged Hotbed of Controversy

Alas! the matter actually becomes when we get to hear from the surrounds that our rapidly growing hunger for all that that comes our way has made us hugely mentally retarded to undergo right course of action. Ironically, where organizations like PETA fight for the rights of animals, people from Asian regions give a damn to society, and and don't feel like confirming that is it chicken they are consuming or eating shark fin soup to satisfy their palate????

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1. Monkey Brains

, China It seems that China has already promised to the world to be at number one be it in population or consuming animals who create unending dispute. For instance monkey brains. It is a preferred delicacy to cure impotence, but an over-eating may cause Variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob. Regretfully, there is a rapid drop-off in monkeys population in China as well as other Asian regions.

2. Shark's Fin, China

Recognized as a big status symbol, the shark?s fin soup is predominately included in Chinese or other Asian weddings. Invariably, the loved ones often meet to eat it and is gifted during auspicious rendezvous. However, luxuriously and culturally relevant, the Shark?s Fin is a symbol of pure wealth and respect.

3. Fugu

, Japan The license of preparing Fugu aka pufferfish is only given to the Japanese chefs in the world. No doubt it is safe to eat but a small irresponsibly at cook's end would mean consumption of dangerous amount of tetrodotoxin would result in numbness, pain, paralysis, and ultimately embraced by death.

5. Thai Bat Soup/Grilled Chinese Rat

, Thailand Being a Lethal Asian food, these usually include meat in them highlighting dangerous pathogens or parasites. Incredibly, they are good for your taste buds, but their massive consumption is going to trap you in serious illness, or may expose you to death.

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