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Best Food Cities In The World

Now days food lovers like to travel across different countries to enjoy the variety of foods. Recently a number of food meccas are set all over the world. To bring variety to the culinary fusions are practiced. Here are some of the best destinations in the world for your next exciting lunch.

Singapore is now days famous for its regional cuisines as well as for the fusions. Here you can get Thai, Chinese, Malaysian, Indonesian and Indian street foods like kaya toast custard with soya sauce, chili crab, and Peranakan coconut noodle curry laksa.  You can enjoy the fusion in food if you taste the dishes like red-hot Indian-Muslim wok-fried Chinese-style noodles with mutton.

Cuisine of New York is superb. The city has got more than 10,000 restaurants. You can expect every sort of cuisine you would like to have, available at budget and premium pricing. You should try some delicacies in Zabar's, Balducci's, and Dean & DeLuca.

Tokyo 4.5 ★

It is basically known for its fish market. For making Susi, fishes are sold from here. Everyday around 5 million pounds fishes are sold from Tsukiji Fish Market. Most Michelin stars in the world are found here. You can also have some casual dishes as well.

Los Angeles is an extensive melting pot in the United States, where people from across the globe have joined with their variant culture and traditions. Food is also a part of this. So you can find the best variety of foods here like regional Mexican, Thai, Central American, Korean and Chinese cuisines are simply delicious.  


Food is like science here and chefs are like scientist. They treat cooking as a form of art. The city is famous in many parts of the world for its cotemporary Catalan cuisine. You can taste the delicious traditional dishes as well. Barcelona also houses Boqueria, one of the best food markets in the world. So, you can surely have something there.

Paris is known for flourishing restaurants and dining here is equally superb. But the most important dish, you must have is Parisian Patisserie. Some of the world’s best chefs are experimenting with their artistic excellence here and offering real taste of Paris food. You should not miss to taste the delicious Pastrices here. Enjoy the expertise global cuisine in Paris and feel the difference.  

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