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If You Are In Kufri, Do Try These Most Delectable Foods

If You Are In Kufri, Do Try These Most Delectable Foods


Are you in Kufri, Shimla? If so, then you must try these drooling foods to meet your cravings. Kufri has ample option for eating out because of the availability of delicious and tasty food items. Plenty of restaurants are available in this location, which renders rich taste food that you will never find anywhere else.  Because of its location, most of the areas have influensive and unique tastes. This means you can enjoy some exotic and rich tastes. Look at the best Kufri dishes that you should miss out when traveling to Kufri.

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Here is a list for you - If You Are In Kufri, Do Try These Most Delectable Foods

1. Channa Madra


One of the extremely popular Himachali cuisines, which being serves in all the festivals is Channa Madra. It is a thick and yogurt based gravy prepared from black or white chickpeas. It is normally served with the white bread and rice. For taste enhancement, you can even add some dry fruits. You can find this delicious item in and around Shimla.

2. Siddus


Are you looking for strength and warmth food to escape from this harsh climate? Well, you can consume siddus because it is made with full of flour and filled with a small amount of poppy seeds paste. The flour ball dipped in the lukewarm oil and then served with the ample amount of homemade ghee to enjoy a lot with your family and friends. Every piece of Siddu broken with the hand is unbeatable by anything else. 

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3. Sepu Badi Madra


One of the main starters for any occasion is Sepu Badi madra. Badi is the main ingredient of this dish so that it is called as Mukund badi. It made at home traditionally but now it is accessible in the stores. Generally, it is made with the fine mix of Chan dal and Urad that has been soaked overnight. Later, the mixture is boiled in water and then cut into pieces. Now, you can fry these pieces and add with the yogurt-based gravy to be served hot with the roti or rice. 

4. Auriya kadoo


Are you a vegan lover? Well, you can go with Auriya Kadoo. The entire dish is made with full of spices so that it catches your senses quickly. It is made at all the occasions and loved by all the people regardless of age. To get the tangy taste, dried mango powder and ripe pumpkin added at the final stage of cooking and then served with rice or roti.

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5. Chicken Anardana


A perfect dish for those non-vegetarian lovers is chicken Anardana. This spicy and tangy dish definitely makes your stomach full.  The main ingredient of this dish is dry pomegranate seeds, which adds the tangy flavor to the dish.  The unique spices added in it renders smokiness flavor, which generally served with the triangle flatbreads and paranthas. 

Aforementioned dishes are some of the best items you must try out during your Kufri vacation. Besides, you will find several authentic and spicy dishes in the location based on your needs and cravings.

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