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Delicious street food trails in Uttar Pradesh

Photo by: Uttar Pradesh

The nerves to the heart of the person go through its stomach. If you actually want to impress someone, the best option is to provide them with amazing food. When we talk about food Uttar Pradesh is no less as it has some amazing food trails which are just mouth-watering. Given below is a list of them

pede_1520843507s11.jpg Photo by: hunt

If you happen to visit of Mathura and Vrindavan in Uttar Pradesh then you cannot miss on the famous Pedhas which are made there. Though these places are known for the Radha & Krishna temples this sweet is a delight to enjoy there. Delicacy. These Pedas are made using mawa flavoured with cardamom or saffron. To make them tempting they are covered with chandi k or dry fruits.

Tundey Kebabs - Uttar Pradesh
Tunday-Kebabi_1520843507s20.jpg Photo by: indiamarks

If you happen to visit the capital city, Lucknow then you cannot afford to miss out on the amazing Tundey Kebabs served there. They are mouth-watering. When you just put them in your mouth, it melts. So for the people who have a love for Non-Vegetarian food then this street food is definitely your choice.

agra-ka-petha_1520843507s30.jpg Photo by: indobase

Another attraction for the sweet lovers after Pedha is Petha. After Taj Mahal, Agra is known for its yummylicious Petha. It is quite famous and every visitor makes it a point to get a box of it back home when they visit Agra.

Delhi_Style_Matar_Chaat_Matra_Recipe_Spicy__Tangy_Dry_Green_Peas_Curry_Curry_Recipe_1520843508s40.jpg Photo by: archanaskitchen

Those tangy and sweet flavours mixed in curd with all those crispy papdi is the famous street food of Uttar Pradesh. This dish is available almost on all the streets of this state and it something amazing. Freshly prepared with little dry fruit on it adds more taste to it.

Kebabs and Biryani - Uttar Pradesh
Kebab-and-Biriyani-Fest_1520843508s50.jpg Photo by: Cochin Square

If you happen to be a Mughlai flavour lover then Moradabad is your town in Uttar Pradesh. It provides the great iety of Kebabs and BIryani which is just delicious. The Kebabs are served with those Lache Wale Pyaaz and Biryani with that typical gravy and Green coriander chutney. This dish is available on the streets and is quite cheap in price.

12ca033380a0998a77588badc7ec05f8_1520843509s60.jpeg Photo by: cloudfront

For the Kulfi lovers, Aminabad is the town. This kulfi is made with best quality milk and has a great taste. The famous Fruit Kulfi is a must try in this town.  The main leader in the chain of Kulfi is Prakash who is famous in the whole city because of the great taste.

Omelette, sandwiches and other non-vegetarian snacks - Uttar Pradesh
egg-omelette-pav-recipe-mumbai-street-food-recipe_1520843509s70.jpg Photo by: chefsdesire

For the people who love having Omelette, then Varanasi is the destination you must go. The Brown Bread Bakery here makes the best of all these dishes and serves them in quite a ravishing manner. This food will just make you go crazy and you will actually have the urge to eat more.

Avadhi Food - Uttar Pradesh
biryani_625x350_51427605417_1520843509s80.jpg Photo by: ndtvimg

If you want to taste this particular kind then Lucknow is the destination. You will find this food commonly in all the shops on the street. It has a peculiar taste which is loved by the tourist.

Thus these are some of the famous food items which are a specialty of Uttar Pradesh region.

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