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Cleanest Cities Of The World

Calgary, Canada

- It is situated between Rocky Mountains and Prairies in Canada.
- Calgary was ranked as the world's cleanest city by Forbes Magazine in 2007.
- Calgarians face steep fines for littering from cars and chucking cigarette butts on the ground - up to $1,000.
- The 75% of the city is powered by renewable energy.
- It has a central wastewater plant purifying up to 100 million litres of water per day.

- It is the capital of South Australia & considered to be one of the best cities to live in.
- It is the one of the biggest environmental sustainable cities in Australia.
- 85 % of all wastes is recycled by Adelaide?s recycling system implemented by activity officials.
- It has one of the best urban designs of the country.

Honolulu - Hawaii

- It is located on the Island Oahu which is also a great tourist destination.
- It acts as the main gateway of Hawaii and a major gateway into the United States.
- It is decorated with cool green trees, smiling flowers and welcoming atmosphere everywhere.
- It is also referred as "Tropical paradise in Hawaii".

- It is the sixth largest city in Japan.
- The city of Kobe has different trash collection days for household waste, non-combustible waste and recyclables.
- It implements the WHO Guidelines for Drinking Water Quality to ensure tap water safety.
- It has finest transportation system in Japan with all types of public vehicles available in the city.

- Helsinki is capital city of Finland.
- In Helsinki, environmental issues such as efficient use of energy and reduction of carbon dioxide emissions are of great importance.
- Helsinki aims at eco-efficiency by making the urban structure denser, and by developing the public transport system.
- It has one of the cleanest metropolitan areas in Europe in terms of air quality.
- The city is a brimming hub of culture and education.
- It is also ranked as "5th most livable city in the world.

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