Birthplace of the Human Gods 

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Birthplace of the Human Gods
It is believed that when the earth turns to a gutter of sinful incidents and people forget the basic teachings of humanity, the human God appear for the appeasement of peace. It is their appearance in human form what make them so special and people who come in their divine contact feel blessed. And those who could not get their blissful company, try to make their life blessed visiting the place where the great souls were born. Devotees from across the globe visit these places in search of the heavenly truth and to obtain genuine mental strength. Here is a glimpse of the cities, these Human Gods were born in:
The Birthplace of Prophet Muhammad

An utterly sanctified city blessed with the divine presence of Prophet Muhammad, Mecca is located in Saudi Arabia. The centre of utmost devotion for Muslims across the world, the city is surrounded by stalwart buildings. Kaba Shrine is considered to be the Muslim Qibla and marked to be the direction of prayer. The city enshrines couple of eye-catching mosques, considered to be the best of their kind. Believers from across the globe assemble here during the revered Haj pilgrimage. Around 3km from Mecca, a cave is believed to be the site of Muhammad's first revelation of Quran.

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Things to do here - Al Khobar, Asir, Taif city, Mecca, Riyadh,
The Birth Place of Jesus Christ

One of the holiest cities for Christians across the world, Bethlehem in Judea is the birthplace of Jesus, the Messiah. The city is around 5 miles South of Jerusalem. The Church of the Nativity is the main attraction of the city where millions of devoted Christians pay their homage to the divinely angel Jesus Christ. The Church was constructed by the mother of the Byzantine Emperor Constantine in the 4th Century above the roof of the cave where Jesus, the son of God was born.

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The Birthplace of Zeus

Believed to be the birth place of the greatest God of Greek Civilisation, Zeus, Crete is a heavenly state. Two caves in the Cretan Mountains called the Dikteon Cave in south-central Crete and the Ideon Cave on the highest mountain are claimed to be his birthplace. Not only for religious significance, but the caves play a significant role in ancient history of Greek Civilisation. Zeus was the son of King Cronus and Queen Rhea. Zeus was worshipped as God of the sky, lightning, thunder, law, order and justice. 

Centred on significant religious beliefs, these sites have attracted millions of believers since time immemorial. Better connectivity, development of scientific approaches worked together in the improvement of these cities and today cities like Mecca are not only known for their religious significance but for their planned constructions as well. 

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Mathura, the birthplace of Krishna

A divine city on the bank of river Yamuna, Mathura is located in the north Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. 150 km south east of Delhi, this is an age old city known for the birthplace of Krishna. An underground prison and a stunningly beautiful temple attached to it make the city one of the seven holy cities (Sapta Puri) believed to be sacred by the Hindus. The city started gaining popularity under the reign of king Surasen in 6th Century BCE.

Lumbini, the Birthplace of Buddha

Located in the Rupandehi District of Nepal, Lumbini is the site where Tathagata Buddha was born of royal couple queen Mayadevi and King Suddhodana. This is a quaint city located on the foothills of scenic Himalaya. A perfect getaway for the persons seeking mental peace, the city was once the habitat of Shakya dynasty. The city has got several religious attractions like the Mayadevi Temple, and a couple of monuments, museums and monasteries. Lumbini is also known as a significant UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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