8 Largest Zoos In The World

8 Largest Zoos In The World

Zoos witness millions of visitors coming from different parts of the world every year. The largest zoos in the world are sprawled in hundreds of acres. We can measure their grandeur in different ways, but we are giving more preference to maximum number of species they house than total land area they cover. Here is the list of world’s largest zoos.

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Here is a list for you - 8 Largest Zoos In The World

1. Berlin Zoological Garden - (1500 Species, Sprawled in 84 Acres)

Founded in 1844, the Berlin Zoological Garden is Germany’s oldest zoo. The zoo houses total 19500 animals and over 1500 species. This way, the zoo accommodates the most wide-ranging animal species on earth. It is among the most renowned zoos of the world and the most sought-after across Europe. Every year, the zoo greets around 3 million visitors.

2. Henry Doorly Zoo/Aquarium - (962 Species, Stretched in 130 Acres)

The zoo is well located in Omaha, Nebraska. Developed in 1864, the zoo now covers the total land area of 130 acres and is home to 962 species. It has the largest number of cat species in North America.

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3. The Beijing Zoo – (950 Species, Sprawled in 219 Acres)

Opened in 1906, the Beijing Zoo holds China’s one of the huge animal collections. It houses 950 species and issprawled over 219 acres. It has the collection of some of the rare species like the South China Tiger, Giant Pandas, Chinese Great Salamander and Chinese Alligators. It welcomes over 6 million visitors annually.

4. The Moscow Zoo – (927 Species, Stretched on 53 Acres)

The Moscow Zoo – (927 Species, Stretched on 53 Acres)

Founded in 1864, the Moscow Zoo houses 927 animal species and is one of the oldest European zoos in the world. It is stretched over 53 acres of land and holds around 6000 animals. During the 1990s, the zoo was renovated and expanded with a new footbridge connecting both parts of the property. Some of the latest exhibits are an aviary, a sea aquarium, and a sea lion exhibit.

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5. The Columbus Zoo & Aquarium – (793 Species, 580 Acres)

Located in Ohio, the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium is the No. 1 Non-Profit Zoo in the US. Currently, it houses 793 species and is sprawled over 580 acres. It holds over 9000 animals and greets around 2.2 million visitors every year.

6. The London Zoo – (755 Species, 36 Acres)

It is the oldest scientific zoo in the world which was founded in 1828 for scientific researches. In 1847, it was opened to public. Today, it has 755 species and is sprawled over 36 acres. It has around 16000 animals.

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7. The National Zoological Gardens of South Africa – (705 Species, 210 Acres)

Stretched on over 210 acres in Pretoria, the national zoo is divided into two major areas – one covers the hilly regions and one lies on the plains, split by Apies river. It houses total 705 species and 9000 animals.

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