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Kapilesvara Siva Temple Trip Packages
Kapilesvara Siva Temple Trip Packages

Kapilesvara Siva Temple

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About Kapilesvara Siva Temple

The Kapilesvara Siva temple is a Hindu temple committed to Lord Siva positioned within the south western outskirt of the village Kapilesvara, Old Town, Bhubaneswar, Orissa, India. It is positioned at the cease of Kapilesvara road main from Lingaraj temple to Kapilesvara Village. The presiding deity is a Siva-lingam on the middle of a round yonipitha in the sanctum. It is a living temple, facing in the direction of east and maintained through Kapilesvara Temple Trust Board.

The temple is located inside the precinct in conjunction with 33 different monuments. The precinct is located at the northern embankment of Manikarnika tank over a place of 44.00 square meters. According to the nearby legend this is the birthplace of sage Kapila, who's considered as the father of Sankhya Philosophy. He is also taken into consideration as the mind infant of Brahma, an incarnation of Vishnu and lord Siva himself. Hence it is sacred vicinity in which the shrine is devoted to Lord Kapilesvara Siva.

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