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Bengal Natural History Museum Trip Packages
Bengal Natural History Museum Trip Packages

Bengal Natural History Museum

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About Bengal Natural History Museum

The Bengal Natural History Museum is a charming plethora of greater than 4000 specimens being exhibited. Located within the heart of Darjeeling at the Padmaja Naidu Himalayan Zoological Park, this museum become firstly started as a small building in the Botanical Garden supposed to showcase the forms of butterflies and birds of the hills. Today, you'll be able to discover preserved remains of the hen species, reptiles, insects, fishes, and mammals displayed in a replication of their herbal habitats. An appealing display of the numerous minerals of the region is gift right here as nicely.

There are two sections at the museum, one on the floor level and the alternative in the basement. This comprehensive series of animals consists of rare specimens inclusive of the Himalayan Brown Wood Owl, Northern noticed owlet, Northern Brown Fish Owl, pelicans, pheasants, Tibetan fox, Tibetan Lynx, Toddy cat, panthers, leopards, tigers, and the Estuarine crocodile, consultant of the native wildlife of the Eastern Himalayas. There is also a large series of birds' nests and eggs. A specialised taxidermy unit is present at the museum to oversee the curing, stuffing and practise of the birds and animals to be displayed as exhibits.

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