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World Toe Wrestling 2018

Event Name : World Toe Wrestling 2018
Venue : Derbyshire, London
Start Date : Friday, 22-Jun-2018
End Date : Friday, 22-Jun-2018

World Toe Wrestling is a very unique form of sport which has got an yearly world championship linked to it organized at the Wetton town in Derbyshire, London. During this Wrestling game, what happens is that that two contestants are supposed to sit down at a toedium to wrestle or fight with their toes. Toe wrestling is 41 years old developed in Wetton town but from the last 30 years, it has been introduced as an annual international sport. Regretfully, it is turned down as an Olympic sport owing to the fact that Olympic Committee was failed to decide it as a winter or a summer sport. Here, entry is absolutely free-of-cost and in order to partake in separate championships, both males and females need to be have able-bodied and no-fungal feet so that they can easily get through in the inevitable preliminary examination feet test. And once both the partys are ready to wrestle, they are advised to lock toes on a 'toesrack' and commence wrestling 'toes away!' assuring not to keep their bottoms on the ground from start to end. Further, the final winner would be the one who succeeds in managing to verge his or her opponents foot off the toesrack first- a `toe down.


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