Top specialty foods of different countries that one must try on their visit

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Top specialty foods of different countries that one must try on their visit

1. Meat Pie 5.0 


Meat pie is a pie that is stuffed with cooked juicy and spicy meat that tastes a bit spicy. It is a famous food item from Australia that is eaten as lunch or dinner and even in breakfast meals. It is easily available in any café or street food stall in Australia. The topping is generally warm tomato sauce. 

2. Pudim 5.0 



Pudim is a famous food item that is found in Brazil. It has a very soft texture like a pillow and sweet in taste. It is a soft dessert that can be found in different cafes around Brazil. It looks exactly like flan and is served with a sweet juice such as diluted honey. Pudims are also cooked in homes of Brazil. 

4. Steak and Kidney Pie

Steak and Kidney Pie


Steak is one of the most delicious foods all around the world but when it comes to England, there’s no competition. The kidney pie is made of pork or lamb kidney cooked well and stuffed inside a pie, served hot with juicy fillings. The price of this dish is affordable and these are served with vegetables such as boiled peas. 

6. Macarons 5.0 


Macarons are cute looking small food items which are extremely tasty to eat. These fall under the category of pastries and are the best-selling pastry that is found in the entire country of France. Macarons are generally not cooked in homes since they are small and difficult to make so it is advised to grab a few in any store in France. 

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7. Spanakopita 5.0 


This dish is a very old recipe which is almost 400 years old. It is a famous and very delicious pie made with spinach. Crunchy from the outside but juicy from the inside, this pie is found in every café or roadside stall in the entire country of Greece. It is plated after cutting it and placing fresh mint leaves.

8. Goulash


Amazing to look at Goulash is a very nutritious dish which means “Herdsman”. It is a red colored dish which is actually the color given to the stew meat by the Turks. Paprika is the reason behind the red colour of the dish which is served in a bowl. Extremely delicious to eat, this is also a must try for all the foodies around the globe. 

10. Moules Frites 5.0 


Moules Frites are simple mussels and fries that are available in any café or confectionery around Belgium. It is a very delicious food item rich in taste. Mussels and fries in Belgium can be compared with burgers and potato fries in the USA.  It is advised for a new visitor to order steamed mussels with fresh curry powder. 

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