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Best Shopping Streets of the World

For shopaholics it's good news. If you are planning your tour for grand shopping and searching out the best destination for you, here are some of the best shopping streets of the world for you.
This wonderful market is located in New York. In recent past different suburban malls like H&M, Abercrombie and Fitch are set on this famous street. During Christmas the shops are decorated in new way and different stores like designer boutiques, department stores and fabulous window displays look marvelous.
The beautifully decorated streets with trees in a straight row made this Swiss street famous. There are some exclusive shopping malls where you can get designer clothes as well as a large variety of shoes, furs, Chinese accessories, jewelry and the special Swiss watch.
Bond Street - England

It is the busiest street of London and home to some of the most lavish shops in the continent. You will surely enjoy the variety. These stores are at least good to look as window shops.

Avenue Montaigne - France

You can have some of the best boutiques in Paris at Avenue Montaigne. Shops are located on some of the exclusively tall towers, destination to some of the high fashion and jewelry. You can feel the classic fabulous tradition and style of France.

It is termed as one of the urban wonders of the world. Many of the shops are posh and classy. But, you can have a good shopping time in some of the chain shops, where you can buy the things as per your budget. Located in Copenhagen, the market has got the longest pedestrian shopping area in Europe.

Laugavegur - Iceland

Located in Iceland, this amazing shopping street houses huge number of world class boutiques. There are some other shops which are very popular like shops of leather products, books, music, and other accessories like cosmetics and lingerie. Especially, the woolen products and handmade knitwear are very famous here. The local shops will surely offer you an original product and you would like the trendy fashion items no doubt.

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