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Best transgender friendly travel experiences around the Europe

Best transgender friendly travel experiences around the Europe


Did you know that there are 22 countries in total that strictly follow the anti discrimination law for the transgender. It might look a small number right now but all of it is a start of the bigger picture. And with this big change we want to make the world a very positive and a happy place. So we have sorted some of the places in Europe where everyone can go and chill and have a great time with themselves as well as other without any discrimination, violence or indifference.`Here are some of the transgender friendly places in Europe.

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1. Berlin


Berlin is considered as one of the most LGBTQ friendly place not only in Europe but the entire of the world. So when it comes to the cafes, places to chill and meet like minded people don’t really look at the gender of the other. So if you are looking for a chilled out and stress free ambience you feel great.

2. Manchester

<a href='https://www.hellotravel.com/united-kingdom/manchester' class=''>Manchester</a>


Manchester is one of the happiest city where people are always high on life. So you can expect people dancing their heart out in the middle of night or people having great conversation over beer and no one really cares of your gender. There are a lot of architectural structures built to pay homeage to the LGBTQ community one of them being Transgender Remembrance Memorial. Go there indulge in happy time and come back rejuvenated.

3. Amsterdam


Amsterdam is an exceptionally accepting city and you would be taken aback with the generosity of people. You can enjoy many festivals, go to cafes, shopping or just chill talking on the streets with your LGBTQ friends without feeling or making them feel awkward. Amsterdam allows you to be as chill as you possibly can be.

4. London

<a href='https://www.hellotravel.com/united-kingdom/london-uk' class=''>London</a>


Head to any cafe and get to know about different cultures, their lifestyle and have hours of good conversation. You would definitely come back rejuvenated and full of positive vibes. Known as a fashion capital, you could find many award shows, film screening and gala nights where people dance their heart out without discrimination.

5. Paris


Paris has a different story altogether. You could witness any level of bondness and fondness among people irrespective to their gender and birth orientation. You can grab a drink with your bestie, head to the bar or just stroll on the street and trust me their won’t be single hint of uncomfort. There are a lot of Gay local cafes and people are just so sweet towards one another. Head to Paris to enjoy the freedom of all forms

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