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Waterfalls are one of the most beautiful natural phenomena. There is something exhilarating yet serene about being near a waterfall.  They are not only good reserves of energy but also scenic and magnificent. While the US has a large number of waterfalls, they are not restricted to the topography of America alone.  Here is a list of the top 10 waterfalls in the world:

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1. Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls is on every top 10 waterfalls in the world list and undoubtedly rank as number One. These falls are the most popular in the world and are a collective of 3 falls: The American Falls, The Bridal Veil Falls and Horseshoe Falls. While most of the surface area of these falls lies on the American side, they make up the border between Ontario, Canada and New York, USA. Niagara Falls are a grand tourist attraction and people come to visit the Falls from all over the world throughout the year.

2. Melincourt Falls

Melincourt Falls

It is a part of an area which is designated as the Waterfall Country in the upper reaches of the Neath River in South Wales. One of the top waterfalls of Waterfall Country, it is a perfect quiet corner for hiking. Situated near a peaceful village called Resolven, there is a car parking near the Falls which makes it easily accessible.

3. Bronte Waterfall

Bronte Waterfall

These waterfalls are situated near the village Haworth in West Yorkshire, England. Relatively smaller in size, these Falls are surrounded by farmland. What makes these Falls a part of the top 10 waterfall list is their close association to the Bronte sisters. It is a great place for literature lovers as it is near Top Withens, the ruined farmland which was the inspiration for the book Wuthering Heights.

4. Yosemite Falls

These rank among the top twenty highest waterfalls in the world. The Yosemite Falls are situated in the Yosemite National reserve. While the Upper Yosemite Falls are inaccessible and dangerous to climb, the Lower Yosemite Falls invites ious rock climbers and tourists typically in the summers.

5. Iguazu Falls

One of the top waterfalls of Latin America, Iguazu Falls lie on the border between Argentina and Brazil. The falls divide the Iguazu river into two parts: the upper and lower Iguazu. The Falls are an important tourist destination and there are two airports near the Falls in Brazin and Argentina respectively.

6. Angel Falls

Angel Falls in Venezuela is the world’s highest waterfall and one of Venezuela’s top tourist attractions. They are part of the Canaima National Park which is a UNESCO World Heritage site. The ideal time to visit the Falls is in the summer when the rush of water is strong in the Falls.

7. Jog Falls

The Jog Falls of India are a major tourist attraction in Karnataka. They rank among the top waterfalls in the word are the second highest waterfall of India. The Falls are also an important energy resource for the Linganmakki Dam on River Sharavathi. The ideal time to go is in the monsoon season.

8. Nachi Falls

d a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Nachi Falls is the tallest waterfall of Japan. It is the country’s top waterfall destination. The Nachi Falls also has important cultural and religious significance.

9. Nohkalikai Falls

The Nohkalikai Falls is a waterall located in Cherrapunji, the area of heaviest rainfall in India. As a result, Nohkalikai Falls is the largest waterfall of India and considered among the top waterfalls of the world. The ideal time to go is after March after the dry season.

10. Wallaman Falls

Wallaman Falls is located in Queensland, Australia and d a UNESCO World Heritage Site. One of the top waterfalls in Australia, it derives its source from Stony Creek of the Herbert River. It can be found in the Girringun National Park, which is an important tourist attraction of the area.

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