Haunted Station

Haunted Station

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Here is a list for you - Haunted Station

1. ) Begunkodor Train Station

This haunted train station is famous as a haunted station of Purulia, but this train station is situated in the village of Begunkodor, this village is about 50 km away from Purulia. The railway station was close in 1967, when a staff member died after spotting a woman's ghost in white saree. In 2009 it was reopened by Chief Minister Mamta Banerjee.

2. ) Rabindra Sarobar Metro Station

) Rabindra Sarobar Metro Station

Another haunted station is situated near the Begunkodor, the haunted metro station of Rabindra Sarobar located in the city of Kolkatta. It has been said that many drivers and passenger on the last metro train at 10:30 in the night seen a ghost-like apparition appear on the railway tracks.

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3. ) Caobao Road Subway Station

When a haunted metro station is mentioned then you must take a trip to China, The Caobao Road Subway station is known as the spookiest metro station on the earth. This station is nothing less than a horror movie where people have seen apparitions and it has been said that spirits roam the station at night.

4. ) Addiscombe Railway Station

) Addiscombe Railway Station

This place is now closed for tourist. It has been said that, people have seen the ghost of a loco-driver who committed suicide. The ghost has seen on the street adjoining the former station. This former station is situated in the Croydon area of London.

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5. ) Waterfront Station

To experience really spooky place you need to visit Waterfront Station in Canada. Many people who are regular visitors reported about the apparition activity at the station. Night vigil Guards come across Ghosts and apparitions on the regular basis. The place is really spooky and people avoid visiting this place in night.

6. ) Panteones Metro Station

Panteones Metro Station is one of the most spooky train station situated in the Mexico. There are two cemeteries situated in the near locality. People have heard screams along the tunnels of the station and people also experience the shadowy figures in the dark corners of the station.

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7. ) Bishan MRT Station

If you think that ghost not exists then you must visit Bishan MRT Station, Singapore. This station was built on the former Bi Shan Teng cemetery. The haunting started right after this station open. People have experience headless figures and phantom. Passengers also heard the footstep on top of moving trains.

8. ) Macquarie Fields Train Station

To experience the real horror, you must visit Macquarie Fields Train Station, Australia, where the ghost of a teenager girl roams the station and her hand covered with blood. Passenger seen her sitting on the platform and watching tracks angrily, many heard her screams also.

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10. ) Connolly Station

Connolly Station which is situated Ireland is one of spookiest stations in the world. People have seen paranormal activity on important stations of Dublin's railway network.  The haunting is begun right after the bombings during World War II.

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