Stockholm Beer & Whisky Festival 2016

Event Name : Stockholm Beer & Whisky Festival 2016
Venue : Stockholm
Start Date : Thursday, 29-Sep-2016
End Date : Saturday, 01-Oct-2016

Belonging to the same league as the German Oktoberfest Fest or the The Great American Beer Festival, Stockholm Beer & Whisky Festival is an annual event that celebrates the glory of two of the most common and popular alcoholic drinks in the world- beer and whisky. Observed in two weekends , this event is in the Swedish social landscape since 1992. This festival marks the healthy growth of the Swedish beer industry and gives the visitors an ample view of that in a fine way! The main attractions of this renowned event on the European beer circuit, includes beer tastings, easy to comprehend tutorials on beer making and finally the awards for the best of the products. The main categories for these awards are- best fresh beer, best blonde lager, best porter and best Swedish beer. Further, it sees several seminars and workshops related to this popular drink thereby enhancing the theoretical knowledge of the spectators. The stature of Stockholm Beer & Whisky Festival is evident from the fact that, every year over 500 national and international beer and whisky manufacturers take part here with their best of products on the line. In addition to that, the food stalls are packed with relevant snacks and other beer related food items. Fun does not end there as various live stage performances keep the atmosphere rocking and rolling. No need to worry about the beer belly, just pour it down your throat and be a part of the jubilation.

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