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7 Different Drinks of Different Countries

To get a true essence of a country, one should taste its local drink. Here is a list of 7 different Drinks of different Countries

1. Caipirinha - Brazil

A trip to South America is incomplete without a sip in Caipirinha, a tropical drink made of different fruits e.g. orange, lemon, peach, watermelon or others. In Brazil, the main ingredient is Cachaca, which is distilled from fermented sugarcane juice. It is said to be Brazil's national spirit due its local popularity.

2. Root Beer Float - United States of America

Root Beer Float is a traditional North American drink that should be tried by every visitor. The name originated from the sassafras tree root which was responsible for its unique flavor originally. The plant is no more used and instead artificial flavors are added today. 

3. Punsch - Sweden

Punsch is a unique Swedish liqueur prepared from imported South East Asian liquor named Arrack. The modified version of the liqueur was highly successful in Swedish high society. It is served cold, but in winter it is heated to 40 degrees C temperature. 

4. Yerba Mate - Argentina

Yerba Mate, the traditional Argentine drink is caffeine-rich drink similar to tea. In social settings and friend meets the tea is served out of a hollowed-out gourd along with a straw that filters off the tea leaves. The gourd can be refilled as needed.

5. Sortilege - Canada

While visiting French Canada, try Sortilege, a kind of whiskey prepared with maple syrup. A sweeter liqueur called Coureur des Bois and Demers are more popular among women. The liquid sap fresh out of Maple tree was introduced to French by native population.

6. Lemon & Paeroa - New Zealand

Lemon & Paeroa, also called L&P, is quite popular in its home country and should be tasted by travelers. The main ingredient is the mineral water from Paeroa. Once it is mixed with lemon, you have fizzy lemonade liked by Kiwis.

7. Jigar Thanda - India

In Madurai, a south Indian city Jigar Thanda is a popular, cooling street drink, which includes milk, sarsaparilla syrup, and almond tree latex or China grass and tastes simply wonderful. 

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