Top 10 Weirdest Metro Stations In the World

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Top 10 Weirdest Metro Stations In the World

1. Kaohsiung Formosa Boulevard MRT Station 5.0 

Kaohsiung Formosa Boulevard MRT Station

The Formosa Boulevard Station is well located in Sinsing District of Koahsiung. It connects Red Line to Orange Line. This station is just awesome for the commuters, especially the interior, which makes it a tourist attraction.

Image Courtesy: C2.staticflickr

3. Zoloti Vorota

Zoloti Vorota

It is one of the well known metro stations lies on Kiev Metro route. The station is titled as an honor to the Golden Gate historical monument. It is perhaps the most stunning and marvelous triumph in the late Soviet period. It looks basically like a religious place.



<a href='https://www.hellotravel.com//pyongyang-metro' class=''>Pyongyang Metro</a>

The Pyongyang Metro is the deepest subway station in the world. It is around 110m (360ft) under the surface. It is very beautifully designed. In 1987, the station was established in North Korea. Since then, it has been declared as a national treasure. It is beautifully designed with murals and ornaments.

5. T-Centralen

T-Centralen metro is located in the heart of Stockholm. It is the one and only metro station which connects the lines of all three systems. It is one of the most weirdest and beautiful subway stations because of the walls which are capped with vivid silhouettes of workers who constructed this station.

6. Westfriedhof


Westfriedhof station was opened in the year 1998. But the vivid large lamps are added recently. It is another beautiful and best metro station. The lamps have blue, red, and yellow lights to add the beautiful twist. 

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7. Munchen Marienplatz

Munchen Marienplatz

Marienplatz is a major station on U-Bahn and Munich S-Bahn rail network. It lies on the square of Munchen Marienplatz in the heart of Munich. It is among the busiest metro stations in Munich. It seems like this is the future of metro stations because of its vivid and curved designs. 

8. Olaias


Established in late 1959, Olaias Metro was the first subway station in the country. Portugal is named to have one of the most exciting metro stations worldwide. The colored glasses are very intelligently used to add the stained glass effect. It is definitely a brightly-designed and colorful station. 

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10. Prague Metro

Prague Metro

Serving around 1.5 million passengers every day, Prague Metro is the station in the Line A that is considered to be the fastest mode of transport in the city. On per capita basis, it is one of the busiest metro stations of the world and 7th most-used subway system in Europe. Its impressive architecture will also amaze you with its futuristic design. 

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